ICACF 2018 • Green Gem International Competition

ICACF 2018  Green Gem International Competition


Libo International Children Animation & Comics Festival 2018 (ICACF 2018)Green Gem International Competition organized by Culture & Multimedia International Association is an open competition.

  The entries for the competition include all artworks and animation which reflect content about ethnic children using various subjects by qualified artists implementing a variety of techniques. Children are encouraged to submit their works for competition, exhibition and publication.



1. Children and Nature

2. Topics about Children


1. Category (A): Still image works
 Single-frame work, comic strips, illustrations, caricature, drawings, graphics and other works of original fine art. It is encouraged that the artists create ethic children with unique characteristics and customs from their own countries and regions in order to reflect the rich and various races of the world.



 1. Entry for the Category (A) (Still Image Works):
  a) Maximum A3 (297mm x 420 mm), minimum A4 (210mm

  b) Any printed submission will not be accepted (work can be submitted in either computer or hand drawing; however, the electronic-version of submission is definitely required).

  c) Participants can also send electronic edition (scanned copy) with a minimum size of 300 dpi in .TIFF or .JPG to cmiassn@vip.163.com.


 3. Language:
  a) All works are preferred to be subtitled in English.

  b) The story background, synopsis, brief introduction, and character description are required in either Chinese or English electronic-version.

 4. Entry Form and Photo
 Artwork should be accompanied by their author
s photo or caricature, a short biographical note and a completed Application Form (PLEASE USE CAPITAL LETTERS).

 5. Copyright

 The applicant must be the copyright owner of the submission.


   Awards and Prizes 
 1. Adult Group
 Artwork submitted for competition will be judged by an International Jury. The Jury will award the following cash prizes along with a certificate for each award.

       2 Gold medals, each 1500 USD (1 for category A)

       4 Silver medals, each 1000 USD (2 for category A)

       4 Bronze medals, each 800 USD (2 for category A)

       20 Special prizes, each 300 USD (10 for category A)

  a) The jury has the right of final distribution of statutory prize and all of the jury’s decisions are final.

  b) Organizers plan to award the artist with the best debut and will give him/her the opportunity for an individual exhibition at the Gallery which will be included in the 2018 program.


 2. Children Group
  a) Artwork submitted for competition will be judged by an International Jury. The Jury will award the electronic certificate to the finalists.
   b) Submission finalists would be included in the album. And the electronic certificates and catalogue (if the album is not released on time), will be sent to the finalists.

All results will be announced on July2018.


  Participant Privileges
 1. Artists of work qualified for the exhibition will be given an electronic catalogue.

 2. Artwork sent to the exhibitions will be exhibited in the country and abroad after the main exhibition.


   Competition Provisions
 1. Organizers reserve the right to use all submitted artwork for advertising purposes without any special fees paid to the artists that include being exhibited and reproduced in a variety of advertising materials as well as printed and circulated in catalogues.
 2. The prize-winning works become the property of the organizers and will be included in the collection of the Gallery.

 3. The exhibition organizers are the final judges in interpretation of the rules and regulations.

 4. By sending his/her work, the artist agrees to the mentioned above rules and regulations.

 5. By sending his/her work, the artist agrees to the publication of the author’s profile in the post-exhibition album.

 6. All the submissions will not be returned.


  Timetable and Contact Information
 1. Submissions
original scripts are preferred) for receipt of artwork:  
  From April 20, 2017 to June 20, 2018 
  Deadline: Date of the postmark June 20, 2018
  Deadline: Electronic submissions midnight June 20, 2018

  Please send your submission(s) to the following mailing address or send to our email address via the internet:

     Organizing Committee ICACF
 902 Suit, 3 Unit, No.3 Building,Tianle Yuan, Beiyuan Road,Chaoyang District, Beijing

 TEL+86 10 84937681
 Mobile: +86 13701001920

 Email: cmiassn@vip.163.com

 Website: www.cmiassn.org  www.icacf.com



The Motorist Great-Coalition (H-1132 Budapest, Váci street 18.) invites all professional and amateur caricaturists to the „Autószektor Caricature Contest” with the following theme:

The Family transport


1. All participants must be a natural person over 18.

2. The contest has 1 turn. Each competitor is allowed to participate in the competition with a maximum of 5 caricatures. Entries should not content any text and should be made in A4 format. File details: CYMK, JPG, good quality, the maximum size of the mail is 10 MB.

3. The registration form – attached to this contest invitation – must be sent back signed and scanned, together with the caricatures – to the grafikuskelemen@gmail.com

4. Deadline: 2018. May 31.

5. Awards:
I. 150 000 HUF (minus TAX)
II. 100 000 HUF (minus TAX)
III. 50 000 HUF (minus TAX)
+ Everyone on the podium gets a diploma

6. By applying, the participants accept that any decision of the jury – in connection with this contest – is final and not appealable.

7. Announcement of results: 2018. Juny 30.

8. By filling the registration form, the participant acknowledges that the Motorist Great-Coalition – referring to the competition – can use the submitted creations free, without the purpose of gaining financial benefits. Forms of use:
– Through mediums cooperating with the Motorist Great-Coalition (
www.jarmuipar.huwww.autoszektor.huwww.riposzt.hu, etc. )
– In digital or printed catalogues
– In the free publication made for the partners of Motorist Great-Coalition, which will not be merchandised
– On exhibitions, or events supported by the Motorist Great-Coalition
– As decoration
Continuous information on the 

If you have any question, contact us at grafikuskelemen@gmail.com!
We wish you good work and a successful participation!

István Kelemen





Subject: “Planet Calling SOS!”

Long before the dawn of the ecological movement in the 1970s, there were already many committed people and groups throughout the world concerned with the relationship between mankind and nature. They were worried about the dismissive way humans were handling nature and they reasoned about the consequences of this behaviour.

What has happened since then? Topics such as climate change, global warming, soil contamination, microplastics floating in the oceans, species extinction etc. are ever-present in our media and by now, everybody should at least have heard about those issues. Unfortunately, little has changed in the behaviours, neither of the individuals nor of societies. How come?

As early as 1972, the Club of Rome, an organisation of individuals who share a common concern for the future of humanity and strive to make a difference, predicted that if there was no awakening, the existing economical system would inescapably lead to a global ecological and economical collapse. They explained that causes and effects of human activities were often set wide apart in terms of time and space. Hence many can’t (or don’t want to) see the impact of their behaviour and simply deny responsibility.

This can’t go on any longer. Our planet is sending an “SOS”, making an emergency call. The Earth is in a critical situation and mankind is at a turning point. For instance, provided that all imaginable measures and precautions were taken, the ozone layer would still need at least 10 years to renew itself. If we are to believe recent research, the world population is expected to be 9 billion in 2050! If we fail to consume our energy and natural resources in a conscious and responsible way, sooner or later, life on our planet will become impossible.

Hence we are now calling upon all caricaturists in the world: Let’s draw our lines and warn the ones who can’t see the oncoming dangers! Let’s save our planet!

Rules of the competition:
1) Joining the competition is possible only via internet planetcallingsos@gmail.com ). (with cv+address..)
2) All submitted pieces of work should be participating in a contest for the first time. In the event of violation of this requirement, any awarded prizes shall be returned.
3) The caricatures are to be submitted in A3 size, with a resolution of 300 dpi  and in Jpeg format (black and white or colour, no restriction as to technical colour processing).
4) The closing date of the competition is June 1, 2018.
5) Based upon the submitted caricatures, the jury will pre-select 100 finalists  from June 01 to 15, 2018. These finalists will then be presented on social media platforms and on INTEGRA’s and Don Quichotte’s websites for the following 10 days.
6) The jury will evaluate the pre-selected works of art from June 25 to 30, 2018 and publish the results on  July 1, 2018.
7) The award ceremony will take place in line with the exhibition opening on July 22, 2018 at the Municipal Art Gallery in Filderstadt.
8) Submitted caricatures will be securely stored within  INTEGRA’s and Don Quichotte’s archives. For any use other than contest related, permission shall be seeked from each author prior to use.
9) A contest catalogue shall be issued in pdf format and published. 


– First Prize: 1.500 Euro +Don Quichotte Medal
– Second Prize: 1.000 Euro +Don Quichotte Medal
– Third Prize: 500 Euro +Don Quichotte Medal
– Special Awards


Jury Members:

– Marilena Nardi (Italy)

– Angel Boligan (Mexico)

– Valeri Kurtu (Germany)
– Peter Nieuwendijk (Netherlands)

– Willem Rasing (Netherlands)
– Bernard Bouton (France)
– Pavel Kuczynski (Poland)
– Trayko Popov (Bulgaria)
– Tan Oral (Turkey)
– Hayati Boyacýoðlu (Germany)
– Erdoðan Karayel (Germany)


Technical Assistant: 

– Saadet Demir Yalçýn (Turkey)






Thema: "Der Planet ruft SOS!"

Lange vor dem Beginn der Umweltbewegung in den 1970er gab es weltweit schon viele engagierte Personen und Gruppierungen, die sich mit dem Verhältnis zwischen Mensch und Natur befassten und sich Gedanken über den rücksichtlosen Umgang des Menschen mit der Natur sowie den daraus resultierenden Folgen machten.

Was hat sich seither geändert? Themen wie Klimawandel, Erderwärmung, Verseuchung der Böden, Microplastik in den Weltmeeren, Artensterben usw. sind in allen Medien omnipräsent und fast alle Menschen haben zumindest von den Problemen gehört – aber sonst? Am Verhalten sowohl des Einzelnen als auch der Gesellschaften hat sich leider kaum etwas getan. Wie ist das zu erklären?

Bereits 1972 hat der Club of Rome, eine gemeinnützige Organisation die sich für eine nachhaltige Zukunft der Menschheit einsetzt, vorausgesagt, dass das bestehende Wirtschaftssystem zwangsläufig zu einem weltweiten ökonomischen und ökologischen Zusammenbruch führen wird. Er zeigte auch, dass Ursache und Wirkung menschlicher Handlungen zeitlich und räumlich weit auseinanderliegen können. Das ist ein Grund dafür, dass Menschen die Wirkungen ihres Handels nicht unmittelbar erkennen (wollen) und Verantwortung von sich weisen.

So kann es aber nicht weiter gehen! Unsere Erde sendet uns ein SOS, denn sie befindet sich in einer sehr kritischen Lage und die Menschheit ist an einem Wendepunkt angelangt. Um nur ein Beispiel zu nennen, sollten jetzt alle denkbaren Maßnahmen ergriffen werden, würde es dennoch mindestens 10 Jahre dauern, bis sich die Ozonschicht erneuert hätte. Wenn man der Forschung Glauben schenkt, wird die Weltbevölkerung im Jahr 2050 voraussichtlich 9 Milliarden betragen. Falls wir nicht umgehend bewusster und verantwortungsvoller unsere Energiequellen und Ressourcen nutzen, wird das Leben auf unserem Planeten über kurz oder lang unmöglich werden.

Daher rufen wir alle Karikaturisten dieser Welt auf: Lasst uns diejenigen warnen, die diese Gefahren nicht sehen! Lasst uns unseren Planeten retten!

1) Die Teilnahme am Wettbewerb ist nur über das Internet möglich (planetcallingsos@gmail.com). (mit lebenslauf+adresse..)
2) Die eingereichten Karikaturen dürfen zuvor an keinem Wettbewerb teilgenommen haben. Bei Feststellung eines Verstoßes gegen diese Regel können verliehen Preise zurückverlangt werden.
3) Die Karikaturen sind in A3-Größe, 300 dpi-Auflösung und JPG-Format einzureichen (schwarz/weiß oder farbig, der farbtechnischen Bearbeitung sind keine Grenzen gesetzt).
4) Einsendeschluss ist der 01. Juni 2018.
5) Die Jury wird vom 01. bis  15. Juni 2018 aus allen eingereichten Karikaturen eine Vorauswahl treffen und 100 Finalisten bestimmen. Diese werden 10 Tage lang in sozialen Medien und auf den Homepages von INTEGRA und Don Quichotte vorgestellt. 
6) Die Jury wird zwischen dem 25. und 30. Juni 2018 diese Arbeiten auswerten und die Ergebnisse am 01. Juli 2018 bekanntgeben.
7) Die Preisverleihung wird im Rahmen der Eröffnung der Wettbewerbsausstellung am 22. Juli 2018 in der Städtischen Galerie Filderstadt stattfinden.
8) Alle eingereichten Karikaturen werden sicher im Archiv von Integra und Don Quichotte aufbewahrt. Verwendung der Werke außerhalb des Wettbewerbs bedarf der vorherigen Zustimmung des jeweiligen Künstlers.
9) Es wird ein Wettbewerbskatalog der eingereichten Karikaturen als PDF-Dokument erstellt und veröffentlicht.


–  Erster Preis: 1.500 Euro + Zertifikat

–  Zweiter Preis: 1.000 Euro + Zertifikat

–  Dritter Preis: 500 Euro+ Zertifikat

–  Besondere Auszeichnungen



– Marilena Nardi (Italien)

– Angel Boligan (Mexiko)

– Valeri Kurtu (Deutschland)
– Peter Nieuwendijk (Niederlande)

– Willem Rasing (Niederlande)
– Bernard Bouton (Frankreich)
– Pavel Kuczynski (Polen)
– Trayko Popov (Bulgarien)
– Tan Oral (Türkei)
– Hayati Boyacýoðlu (Deutschland)
– Erdoðan Karayel (Deutschland)


Technischer Assistent: 

– Saadet Demir Yalçýn/Türkei





Konu: "Gezegenimiz ÝMDAT diyor!

70’li yýllarda henüz çevre ve doðayý koruma hareketi baþlamadan çok önceleri, insan ve doða iliþkilerini inceleyen, insanýn doðaya karþý olan dikkatsizliðinden kaynaklý ortaya çýkan olumsuz sonuçlar üzerine kafa yoran, araþtýrmalar yapan insanlar ve gruplar vardý.

O zamandan beri ne deðiþti? Ýklim deðiþikliði, küresel ýsýnma, topraðýn zehirli atýklarla kirlenmesi, dünya denizlerinde giderek artan mikroplastikler, canlý türlerinin yok oluþlarý vb. gibi konular dünya medyasýnda sürekli yer buluyor. Böylelikle hemen herkes sorunlardan haberdar oluyor. Ama sonucunda ne oluyor? Canlý türünün varoluþunu tehdit eden geliþmeler hakkýndaki farkýndalýðýn bu kadar artmasýna karþýn, hem bireylerin hem de toplumlarýn doðaya karþý davranýþlarýndaki deðiþim yok denilebilecek kadar az! Peki bunu nasýl açýklamalý?

Tüm önlemlerin alýnmasý halinde bile, ozon deliðinin kendini yenileyip kapanmasý en az 10 yýlý bulacak. Araþtýrmalara göre; 2050 yýlýnda dünya nüfusunun 9 milyar olmasý bekleniyor! Eðer, enerji kaynaklarýmýzý ve doðanýn bize sunduklarýný bilinçli þekilde kullanmazsak, gezegenimizde yaþamak olanaksýz hale gelecek.

1972 yýlýnda Roma Kulübü’nün isteðiyle yapýlan bir çalýþma; "Doðanýn bir Ekonomik Sistem olarak Deðerlendirilmesi  ve Ýktisadi Büyümenin Sýnýrlarý‘ný incelemiþ ve mevcut sistemin dünyayý zorunlu olarak ekonomik ve ekolojik bir çöküþe götüreceðini belirtmiþtir. Ayrýca, bu çalýþmada insan kaynaklý davranýþlarýn  etkisi ve nedenlerinin zamansal ve mekansal olarak farklýlaþtýðý üzerinde de durulmuþtur. Bu durum, insanlarýn eylemlerinin etkilerini doðrudan anlamak istememelerinin ve sorumluluðu reddetmelerinin de temel nedenlerinden biridir.

Ýþte tam da bu çeliþki, „Karikatür“ sanatýnýn özünde zaten vardýr. Dünya Karikatüristlerinden beklentimiz; çizgileriyle bu çeliþkiyi, gerçeklik ve insan davranýþýlarýný tatlý bir alay ve hicivle etkili bir biçimde tek bir karede anlatmalarý. Sizleri, deðerli çalýþmalarýnýzla, bizlere ayna tutarak, kendi iç dünyamýza yolculuk yapmamýzý ve düþünce ile davranýþ biçimlerimizdeki inanýlmaz çeliþkiyi sorgulamaya davet ediyoruz! Bizimle Gezegenimizi kurtarmaya var mýsýnýz?





Yarýþma Koþullarý:

1) Yarýþmaya sadece internet üzerinden ( planetcallingsos@gmail.com ) katýlýnabilir. (özgeçmiþ ve adres de eklenerek..)

2) Yarýþmaya katýlacak karikatürlerin daha önce hiç bir yarýþmada ödül almamýþ olmasý gerekmektedir. Aksi takdirde ödülün geri alýnabilmesi söz  konusu olabilecektir.

3) Karikatürler A3 boyutunda, 300 dpi ve JPG formatýnda olacaktýr. (Siyah-beyaz veya renkli olabilir, her türlü boyama tekniði serbesttir.)

4) Yarýþmaya son katýlým tarihi 1 Haziran 2018‘dir.

5) On Seçici Kurul 01-15 Haziran 2018 tarihleri arasýnda gelen karikatürlerden 100 finalist belirleyecek. Finalistler 10 gün boyunca sosyal medyada, Integra ve Don Quichotte internet sitelerinde yayýnlanacaktýr.

6) Seçici kurul, gelen karikatürleri 25-30 Haziran 2018 arasý deðerlendirecek, sonuçlar 01 Temmuz 2018 tarihinde açýklanacaktýr.

7) Ödül töreni ve sergi, 22 Temmuz 2018 tarihinde Filderstadt Sanat Galerisi‘nde gerçekleþecektir.

8) Gönderilen karikatürler Integra ve Don Quichotte arþivinde muhafaza edilecektir.

9) Yarýþma albümü pdf olarak hazýrlanacak ve ayrýca bastýrýlacaktýr.

10) Ödül alan ve sergilenmeye deðer bulunan karikatürler, gerektiðinde Avrupa’nýn deðiþik ülkelerinde sergilenecektir.



– Birincilik Ödülü: 1.500 Euro+Plaket

– Ýkincilik Ödülü: 1.000 Euro+Plaket

– Üçüncülük Ödülü: 500 Euro+Plaket

– Özel Ödüller

Seçici Kurul Üyeleri:

– Marilena Nardi (Italya)

– Angel Boligan (Meksika)

– Valeri Kurtu (Almanya)
– Peter Nieuwendijk (Hollanda)

– Willem Rasing (Hollanda)
– Bernard Bouton (Fransa)
– Pavel Kuczynski (Polonya)
– Trayko Popov (Bulgaristan)
– Tan Oral (Türkiye)
– Hayati Boyacýoðlu (Almanya)
– Erdoðan Karayel (Almanya)


Teknik Asistan: 

– Saadet Demir Yalçýn (Türkiye)

50th World Gallery of Cartoons – Skopje 2018

50th World Gallery of Cartoons – Skopje 2018

Dear friends cartoonistsIt is a time to conquer the world with your cartoons again!

OSTEN is inviting you to participate in the 50th WORLD GALLERY OF CARTOONS Skopje 2018 
Download the APPLICATION FORM, fill it, submit it along with your works and you can win one of the following awards:
FIRST AWARD for Cartoon (1000$)
FIRST AWARD for Satiric Drawing (1000$)
FIRST AWARD for Comic / Strip (1000$)
CICO AWARD (for Macedonian cartoonist)

Following our principle of creating and preserving the art on paper, only ORIGINAL WORKS (hand drawn cartoons, satirical drawings and comics) will be considered in the selection process. They should be sent no later than 31st March 2018 to our address:     

8.Udarna Brigada 2, 1000 Skopje, Macedonia

Erdogan BASOL, Turkey (Cartoonist)

Jury members:
Ann TELNAES, USA (Editorial Cartoonist in the Washington Post)
Ross THOMSON, UK (Cartoonist)
Mostafa RAMEZANI, Iran/France (Cartoonist & Graphic Designer)
Vladimir KAZANEVSKY, Ukraine (Cartoonist and Lecturer on the Theory of Cartoon Art)
Mice JANKULOVSKI, Macedonia (Artist, Cartoonist and representative of OSTEN)

The jury activities will take place in April 2017, and the official opening of the 50th WORLD GALLERY OF CARTOONS Skopje 2018 and
the announcement of the awards will take place on 25th May 2018 at the OSTEN Gallery, Skopje.
Download the APPLICATION FORM, fill it, submit it, follow us on FB, and do not forget to share this information with your colleagues and friends. For additional information, you can always contact us on: cartoons@osten.com.mk

18th World Press Freedom International Editorial Cartoon Competition

18th World Press Freedom International Editorial Cartoon Competition


1. The theme for the 18th International Editorial Cartoon Competition is:


The high price of a free press

Press freedom around the world is in danger as journalists are threatened by government censorship, organised crime and commercial pressures. Online content is being controlled by a handful of Internet companies whose processes lack transparency, and most countries restrict access to a range of websites. Donald Trump’s attacks on “fake news” in the US is also sending a message to authoritarian leaders that it is acceptable to crack down on the press. 259 journalists were jailed last year and 79 were killed. There were 426 attacks against journalists and media outlets in Mexico in 2016 alone. Some 150 Turkish journalists were in prison and more than 170 media organisations have been shut down since last year’s coup, including newspapers, websites, TV stations and news agencies, and 2,500 journalists have been laid off.


2. Prizes: three prizes will be given: a first prize of $1000 plus a Certificate from Canadian UNESCO, second and third prizes of $500. All sums are in Canadian dollars. Ten additional cartoons will receive an ‘Award of Excellence,’ Regrettably no financial remuneration accompanies the Awards of Excellence.


3. Only one cartoon will be accepted from each cartoonist. It may be either in color or black and white and must not have won an award.


4. The size of the cartoon should not exceed A4; 21 by 29.2 cm; or 8.50 by 11 inches. Cartoons should be in jpeg format at 300 dpi


5. The name, address, telephone number and a short biography of the cartoonist must be included in the submission.


6. The Canadian Committee for World Press Freedom shall have the rights to use any of the cartoons entered in the Competition for promotion of our Editorial Cartoon Competition.


7. The winners of the Cartoon Competition will be announced at the World Press Freedom Day Luncheon held at the National Arts Centre in Ottawa, Canada on Thursday May 3, 2018 as well as being advised by e-mail. The winner’s names and their cartoons will be posted on the CCWFP web site.


8. The winning cartoons will be exhibited at the luncheon.


The deadline for receipt of cartoons is midnight GMT, Friday, April 13, 2018.

Send submissions by e-mail to : info@ccwpf-cclpm.ca



Guy Badeaux

Jury president

Canadian Committee for World Press Freedom

Twitter: @CDN_WPF


Dear colleagues,

here you have a Cartoon Contest and an Exhibition coming from Peru. The theme is Corruption and deadline for the contest is October 2018. You find the rules on attachement.



Dear friends

Oggetto: Umoristi a Marostica sta tornando……Umoristi a Marostica is coming back….Edizione 2018 "Water…"



Buongiorno amici "Umoristi"!

La biennale "Umoristi a Marostica" torna in questo 2018 con una nuova tematica, attuale e importantissima: l’acqua…


In attesa dell’aggiornamento del nostro sito web, vi inviamo in allegato il bando e la scheda di iscrizione utili a partecipare al concorso.


Per qualsiasi informazione non esitate a contattarmi a questa mail.


Un caro saluto



11th International Don Quichotte Cartoon Contest / 2018 -CHILD BRIDES- NEW DEADLINE: 10 MARCH 2018

11th International Don Quichotte Cartoon Contest / 2018

Theme: “Child Brides“


Young girls who have not reached puberty are being forced to marry as child brides in some developing regions of the world. Child marriages are most common in India, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Tanzania. Unfortunately, this issue is becoming more common in Turkey as well. Globally, every 1 out of 5 females who is under 18 years old is being forced into marriage in exchange for a dowry.
The Universal Declaration of Human Rights prohibits child marriages and states that men and women of full age are entitled to equal marriage rights during marriage and at its dissolution. Marriage shall be entered into only with the free and full consent of the intending parties. This statement does not specify the minimum age requirement unlike other conventions and it is subjective.
Globally, every 1 out of 5 females who is under 18 years old is being forced into marriage in exchange for a dowry.
Legislations and precautions that are already in place are not sufficient and non-government organizations have been heavily campaigning to increase awareness on this topic. The purpose of this competition is to bring awareness to child marriages around the world, to study and criticize this social phenomenon. 
We have an important mandate but limited time.
We are calling all caricaturists/cartoonists around the world to contribute their work to raise awareness and come one step closer to solving this issue.

The Rules of Competition:

1) With participation in competition is possible only by Internet. (childbrides@donquichotte.org)
2) All submitted work should be participating a contest for the first time. With an offence, there’s a risk of deprivation of the achieved prizes.
3) The designs are to be drawn in A3-Size to deliver in 300 dpi dissolution and in Jpeg format. They know both and black-and-white, and to be colored, the coloured representation is exactly the same as the colortechnical treatment of the work is incumbent on not a containment.
4) The closing date of the competition is 10 MARCH 2018.
5) Pre-selective Jury will determine the 100 finalists between dates 10-13 March 2018. Finalists will be presented in social media and on DQ website for the following 7 days.
6) The jury exists, evaluates the works between 13-17 March 2018. Results of this evaluation and conception of the price-crowned works are published on 20 March 2018.
7) The award of the prize will take place in the context of the opening of the exhibition in 19 April 2018 in the municipal art gallery Maji/Istanbul.
8) Received caricatures will be securely saved in Don Quichotte’s archive. We certainly will get permission from you if we need to use your caricatures for purposes other than displaying it in exhibitions and album. 
9) Contest Album will be developed in pdf and, if sponsored, will be printed.
10) Awarded and best performing cartoons will be exhibited in various European countries.


– First Prize: 1.000 Euro +Don Quichotte Medal
– Second Prize: 750 Euro +Don Quichotte Medal
– Third Prize: 500 Euro +Don Quichotte Medal
– Special Awards
– 10 Mentions

Women Jury Members:

– Adriana Mosquera (Spain)
– Farzane Vaziri Tabar (Iran)
– Elena Ospina (Colombia)
– Marilena Nardi (Italy)
– Martha Barragan (Mexico)
– Natalia Forcat (Brazil)
– Nicoleta Ionescu (Romania)
– Saadet Demir Yalçýn (Turkey)
– Shiva Zamanfar (Iran)

Organizational Responsibilities:
Don Quichotte/Erdoðan Karayel

Organization Partner:
G&Partner/Gaye Donay





Konu: "Çocuk Gelinler"


Geliþmekte olan ülkelerin bir çoðunda, kýz çocuklarý daha ergenliðe girmeden evlenmek zorunda býrakýlýyor. Dünya üzerinde 18 yaþ altý her 5 kýzdan 1’inin genç yaþta evlendirildiði, bu evlilikler sýrasýnda baþlýk parasý alýndýðý ve bu çocuklarýn kocalarý tarafýndan þiddet gördüðü tespit edilmiþtir.
Ýnsan Haklarý Evrensel Bildirgesi zoraki çocuk evliliklerini yasaklamýþtýr. Fakat asýl sorun, bu bildirgede kaç yaþýndaki çocuðun evlenmeye razý olabileceði açýkca belirtilmemiþ, sadece yaþýný doldurmuþ her kadýn ve erkeðin evlenebileceði belirtilmiþtir. Bildirgedeki bu açýk, caydýrýcý olmaktan öte neredeyse teþvik edici bir nitelik taþýmaktadýr.
Dünya genelinde, günde yaklaþýk 39.000 kýz çocuðu erken yaþta gelin oluyor!.
"Çocuk Gelinler”e; Hindistan, Bengladeþ, Afganistan, Etiyopya, Tanzanya gibi ülkelerde daha sýkça rastlanýlýyor.. Ne yazýk ki, günümüz Türkiye’sinde de bu oranýn artýþ gösterdiði, bu yönde alýnan önlemlerin ve çýkarýlan yasalarýn yetersiz olduðu kanýtlanmýþtýr. Gittikçe artan olaylar üzerine geçtiðimiz günlerde sivil toplum kuruluþlarý ülke genelinde yoðun bir kampanya süreci baþlatmýþlardýr.
Yarýþmamýzýn amacý, ülke gözetmeksizin, tüm dünyada gittikçe artan "Çocuk Gelinler" konusunu gündeme taþýyarak, mizah yoluyla sorgulamak ve irdelemektir. Konumuz güçlü, ancak süremiz kýsýtlýdýr. Dünyanýn her hangi bir ülkesinde yaþayan vicdan sahibi tüm çizerlere çaðrýda bulunuyoruz. Bu sorunun çözülmesine sizler de çizginizle katkýda bulunun. Çizdiðiniz her karikatür size "Çocuk" olarak geri dönecektir..

Yarýþma Koþullarý:

1) Yarýþmaya sadece internet üzerinden (childbrides@donquichotte.org) katýlabilinir.
2) Yarýþmaya katýlacak karikatürlerin daha önce hiç bir yarýþmada ödül almamýþ olmasý gerekmektedir. Aksi takdirde ödülün geri alýnabilmesi söz konusu olabilecektir.
3) Karikatürler A3 boyutunda, 300 dpi ve JPG formatýnda olacaktýr. (Siyah-beyaz veya renkli olabilir, her türlü boyama tekniði serbesttir.)
4) Yarýþmaya son katýlým tarihi 10 Mart 2018‘dir.
5) Ön Seçici Kurul 10-13 Mart 2018 tarihleri arasýnda gelen karikatürlerden 100 Finalist belirleyecek. Finalistler 7 gün boyunca sosyal medyada ve DQ internet sitesinde yayýnlanacaktýr.
6) Seçici kurul, gelen karikatürleri 13-17 Mart 2018 tarihinde deðerlendirecek, sonuçlar 20 Mart 2018 tarihinde açýklanacaktýr.
7) Ödül töreni ve sergi, 19 Nisan 2018 tarihinde Ýstanbul’da Maji Sanat Galerisi‘nde gerçekleþecektir.
8) Gönderilen karikatürler Don Quichotte arþivinde muhafaza edilecektir. 
9) Yarýþma albümü pdf olarak hazýrlanacak, gerekli sponsor desteði saðlandýðýnda bastýrýlacaktýr.
10) Ödül alan ve sergilenmeye deðer bulunan karikatürler, Avrupa’nýn deðiþik ülkelerinde sergilenebilecektir.


– Birincilik Ödülü: 1.000 Euro+Don Quichotte Madalyasý
– Ýkincilik Ödülü: 750 Euro+Don Quichotte Madalyasý
– Üçüncülük Ödülü: 500 Euro+Don Quichotte Madalyasý
– 10 adet Mansiyon

Seçici Kurul:

– Adriana Mosquera (Ýspanya)
– Farzane Vaziri Tabar (Ýran)
– Elena Ospina (Kolombiya)
– Marilena Nardi (Ýtalya)
– Martha Barragan (Meksika)
– Natalia Forcat (Brezilya)
– Nicoleta Ionescu (Romanya)
– Saadet Demir Yalçýn (Türkiye)
– Shiva Zamanfar (Ýran)

Organizasyon Sorumlusu:
Don Quichotte/Erdoðan Karayel

Organizasyon Partneri:
G&Partner/Gaye Donay


“The End of Terrorism” International Poster, Cartoon and Caricature Contest-2018

“The End of Terrorism" International Poster, Cartoon and Caricature Contest-2018

Sections and the Themes:

Poster Section:

The End of Terrorism

Cartoon Section:

– The End of Terrorism

– Aleppo was released

-Mosul was released

Caricature Section:

-Benjamin Netanyahu

– Donald Trump

– Aung San Suu Kyi

– Mohammad Bin Salman


Each participant can send maximum 3 artworks in each section

Sent artworks should not been awarded before

Artworks must be send with png or jpg format, 300 dpi resolution and 2000 pixel length or width

Artists must send their (name and family name, address, Email, Tel (Cell phone), Photo and Resume) in word file

Artists that their artwork published in catalog will receive a copy of catalog

Iranian winners will receive their awards in case of their attending in Closing Ceremony


Cartoon Section:

First Prize: $ 2000 + Trophy and Honorable Mention

Second Prize: $ 1500 + Trophy and Honorable Mention

Third Prize: $ 1000 + Trophy and Honorable Mention

Caricature Section:

First Prize: $ 2000 + Trophy and Honorable Mention

Second Prize: $ 1500 + Trophy and Honorable Mention

Third Prize: $ 1000 + Trophy and Honorable Mention

Poster Section (The Humorous Look of Graphic Artists):

5 Prizes of 20,000,000 Rials + Trophy and Honorable Mention

Jury Members:

Mr, Mohammadhossein Niroumand , Massoud Nejabati &  Mohammadreza Doust Mohammadi,

From Iran, Silvano Mello from Brazil and Alexander Faldin from Russia

New Deadline:Feb.,4th, 2018

Address for sending artworks:




+ 98 21 88 911 214

+ 98 21 88 911 215


+ 98 21 88 911 219

Address of Secretariat of the Contest:

1st Floor, No 55, Vahdat alley, North Hafiz st, Karim Khan Zand ave, Tehran, Iran

A Colorful Human World” International Cartoon Contest & Exhibition Norway 2018

A Colorful Human World” International Cartoon Contest & Exhibition
Norway 2018

A Colorful Human World!
"It was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair", Dickens wrote. Words, we recognize only too well. Or rather, we instantly recognize the despair, seeing it in the eye of refugees, who travel across the sea in spite of the danger, because staying would be infinitely more dangerous. We see the refugees, who never make it to Europe, drowning in the attempt, and those who make it ashore, only to be met with hate speech and the suspicion that they are extremists. Mainstream media are stimulating that populist speech, which incites hate, while right wing parties everywhere in Europe are calling on the nation state and closing of the borders to the exclusion of others. There is always some "other" to blame for everything. In fact, our societies consist of many "others" at the risk of a situation of fracture in which everyone is made scared of one another. Cartoonists have an important task at hand, and The International Cartoon Contest & Exhibition 2018 invites all cartoonists to make us forget to be scared and find different ways of (re)connecting. Cartooning at its finest is a spring of hope. It gives us ways to critically rethink and find alternatives to bridge the "us" and "them". We get to see the human in the other. Differences in culture or language are no longer too strange or too much to take in. We see that differences are what make for a colorful world. We deserve to be living in a colorful human world and The International Cartoon Contest & Exhibition 2018 invites all cartoonists to take part to make it a reality.
Theme: Colorful Human World.
Deadline: 15th of March 2018. 
Size: A4, jpg format, 300 dpi. 
Email: colorworld2018@gmail.com
The Contest is open to cartoonists from all over the world. Cartoonists can send their published or unpublished works of art to the Contest.
The cartoon can be produced traditionally or digitally.
Deadline :15th of March 2018
Each participant may present up to 3 cartoons (size A4). Resolution must be at least 300 dpi.
The Prizes
Grand Prize: 5,000 kr. 
Second Prize:3,000 kr.
Third Prize: 2, 000 kr.
Honour Prizes (5): 1000kr.
All participants whose works will be exhibited will receive a Digital Certificate of Participation
A short CV, personal photo, the e-mail address, Skype account (if available), and the postal address of each participant is required.
Norwegian and International Jury of ten members will make a selection of the submitted cartoons which are to exhibited in the Norwegian Literature House in Oslo and published in Cartoon Home Network International (Facebook platform):https://www.facebook.com/CHNI2016/
The jury members can be participants only in the exhibition.
They will be exhibited to 100 drawings to be evaluated by the Jury Committee.
All participating drawings may be exhibited in a touring exhibition in Norway or abroad.
The drawings may be used in the advertising campaign of the exhibition. On no account should drawings or copies be sold. Commercial exploitation of part or the whole exhibition is prohibited.
Copyright of the exhibition belongs to the organizers.
Participants will receive a digital catalog of the exhibition.
If you have any questions, we’ll be happy to answer them. Please send an email to: chni2016@gmail.com
You can visit our Cartoon Home Network International on Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/CHNI2016/
Good Luck
Cartoon Home NetworkInternational | CHNI