Weekly Note May 15, 2008 – Cartoon International Expert Committee

Mohammad Ali Khalaji’s similar cartoon was enough to make a loud objection against it and criticize him.
Khalaji who has won more than 100 prizes,
is a young cartoonist that has gotten the most important prizes in recent years,
but his works have similarities. As Ehsan Ganji has mentioned,
similar cartoons can be due to the weaknesses of juryboard and jurors.
Masoud Shojai has really warned Khalaji about his similarities.
He believes Khalai casts doubt on cartoon in Iran.
I really congratulate Pena-Pai and Louise Postruzin for finding similarities.
This week, I want to establish Cartoon International Expert Committee (C.I.E.C)
so we can discuss similarities or any other cartoon problems and send our ideas to contests.
Below comes the names of cartoonists I suggest.
If you accept my invitation, please inform me by email.

Peter Nieuwendijk – Holland
Julian Pena-Pai – Romania
Masoud Shojai – Iran
Huseyin Cakmak – Cyprus
Seyran Caferli – Azerbaijan
Erdogan Karayel – Germany
Alessandro Gatto – Italy
Louis Postruzin – Australia
Yuri Kosobukin – Ukraine
Marcio Leite – Brazil