Porto was proclaimed as Capital of the Cartoon in ten languages

10 cartoonists from several countries proclaimed in different languages, the city of Porto as “Capital of the Cartoon” following a proposal made under the scope of the X-PortoCartoon World Festival to the Porto City Hall.
The unveiling ceremony of a granite monument designed by Siza Vieira took place with the presence of the town councillor of Culture and important artists of the cartoon worldwide.
The monument located at the top of Avenida dos Aliados, includes the cartoon of the Turkish Musa Gumus, winner of the Grand Prize of this festival 8th edition “Desertification and Land Degradation”.  In this monument you can also be seen the scheme of the trophy designed by Siza Vieira and the inscription Porto Capital of the Cartoon.

The proclamation “Considering the liberal tradition of this very noble and always loyal invicta city, considering Humour as a bridge to bring together peoples and cultures, it is proclaimed Porto to be designated from now on the
Capital of the Cartoon” was read in 10 different languages.

In German was read by the President General of the Federation of the Cartoonists’Organizations (FECO), Marlene Pohle; in French, by George Wolinski; in Turkish by Muhittin Koroglu; in Spanish by the Colombian Harold Ortiz, in Galician by Xaquin Marin, in Korean by Taeyong Kang, in Esperanto by Edu Grosso, in Romanian was read by Radu Cletiu; into English by Ronaldo Cunha Days and in Portuguese by the cartoonist Onofre Varela (in the photo can be seen thes happening near themonument designed by Siza Vieira).
Luis Humberto Marcos, director of PortoCartoon and the PortuguesePrintingPressMuseum said the proclamation was “a special moment for the museum and for the festival”, which is celebrating 10 years of existence.

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