A couple of years ago Alberto Sughi, an Italian artist (and also my
father) had his entire collection of works plagiarised by Wada a
Japanese “artist”.
Wada (an old acquittance of my father’s studio) had become a star and
a celebrity in his own country but when the plagiarism was discovered
he was stripped off of all his previous prices and awards. However
none of the Japanese museums wanted to destroy Wada works (as they
should have done! )
Some Japanese journalists was able to prove that behind that
incredible story of plagiarisms there was an enormous interest of
money where many museums, art critics and art patronizers were
closely involved. Those things never happened by mere accident!!!!,9171,1203003,00.html

However and many times I have seen (also on our DQ website) cartoons
that despite all the the similarities do not contain plagiarism.
They probably depend only on common sources!
The same problem happens many times in history. We have a lot of
ancient Latin texts here in Europe whose contest look very much alike
one to the next only because all of them depend on one same source.
A difficult problem so, but when there are signs of plagiarism nobody
should ever tolerate it!