Dear Erdogan Karayel and my friends in Donkishote

Here are my thoughts in response to the claim from Mr. Naji Ben Naji,
who has accused me of stealing his ideas on the Donkishote website.

I think it is very important to say that his accusations are untrue.
They are simply an attempt to make trouble for me with your website, which is one that I respect greatly. 

It is very clear to everyone now that we are living in a very small and interconnected world. Consequently,
ndependent ideas will also sometimes be close and connected to one another. Every day,
many similar paintings are made by international cartoonists, but this does not mean
that the cartoonists are constantly stealing each other’s ideas.   

As I see it, it is not problematic for cartoonists to use similar ideas: 
these ideas are part of the public conversation and not restricted to one person.
 Problems arise when an artist decides to abandon his ethics and appropriate something specific from another artist’s work.
I did nothing of this kind.

Frankly, I do not know anything about Naji Ben Naji’s paintings, and I have never seen his archive.
Clearly, I could not have done what he claims.

Yaser Ahmad-SYRIA