70th Cartoon Exhibition




Respected colleagues, cartoonists, ladys, gentleman, friends, readers….


28th of may 2008. we have opened 70th exhibition in Cartoon Gallery «OsijeK»

We talking about splendid cartoonist Makhmudjon Eshonkulov from Uzbekistan who presented his works on theme «Ecology vs. Technology».


Makhmudjon Eshonkulov was born in the village of Telov in Beshariq district of Uzbekistan. Graduated from Tashkent State Pedagogic Institute, faculty of drawing. Member Artist Union of Uzbekista. He lives in Tashkent city. Is a regular participant of countries daily newspapers and magazines. He had personal exhibition in town Krusevac of country Serbia in 2007, he has participated in more than 200 nacional and International Cartoon Exhibitions.


Awards from International Cartoon Contests:


2002.,2003.,2004.,2005.,2007. Honorable Mention «DICACO» Daejeon, Korea

2002. Gold prize «GOGLM» Nanjing, China

2003.,2005. Prizes for Excellence «GOGLM» Nanjing, China

2004. First prize «Int. Comics Communication 2004.», Tokyo, Japan

2004. Special Prize «Int. Don Quichotte C.C.» Stutgard, Germany

2005. Honorable Mention «Int. Karpik C.C.» Niemodlin, Poland

2005.,2006. Success Award «FCW» Shanghai, China

2006.Prize of Kozuchow Castle Castellian, Kozuchow, Poland

2006. Honorable Mention «Int. C.C.» Praha, Czech Republic

2006. Honorable Mention Award «Int. Haifa C.C.» Haifa, Israel.

2006. Excellence Prize «Int. Fes. Caragiale -2006.» Romania

2006. First prize «Int. Piracicaba C. Exhibition» Piracicaba, Brasil

2007. Succes Award «Int. C.C. NAJI AL ALI» Damascus, Syria

2007. Gold Prize «Int. Zagreb Car. Exhibition» Zagreb, Croatia



Exhibition was opend by Marina Pejic, psychology graduate in Osijek. Exhibition was special in lots of ways: insted of performance whe have made a tree of wires, old computer, and put real leaves on it. We wanted to show how harmfully it can be for ecology when we carelessly use tehnicaly developed machines, devices, equipment, installations. On the other hand we wanted to show how we have accustom on artificially instead to fight for the preservation and protection of natural!!

I just want to thanks everyone that was include in this project!

It wouldnt be same without you!



Leader of the Gallery

STela Dušanić