Proudly presents

«Retrospective Exhibition» (12 reputable cartoonists)


After death of Tomislav Dušanić – Tod leadership over the Gallery take his daughter STela Dušanić. Since that time she have opened 16 exhibition.
We have exhibition in memoriam of Tomislav Du
šanić, exhibition of posters that he made trough years on various subjects,
photo exhibition. This is first retrospective exhibition under leadership of STela Du
Exhibition is opened 28th of july 2008. With this exhibition we would like to recall on everything that was done in last 16 months.
We have exhibit 3 cartoons of each cartoonists

Ilian Savkov – Bugarska, Athanassios Efthimiadis – Grčka, Frans Mensink – Nizozemska, Aleksandar Blatnik – Srbija, Dalibor Pavić – Paky – Hrvatska, Ivailo Tsvetkov – Bugarska, Davor Štambuk – Hrvatska/Francuska, Tomislav Dušanić – Tod – Hrvatska, Yu Gai – Kina, Siniša Petrović – Hrvatska, Eshonkulov Makhmudjon – Uzbekistan, Tomislav Zvonarić – Hrvatska.

Orderly, they are all known and recognize in their countrys and in the world, their work is a great witness of that statement.
It was the honor to have the artist like them in our Gallery – says STela.
Next month we will not open new exhibition cause this year Gallery have been invited on Spancirfest inVarazdin.
We are really proud to be part of that big cultural event that gathers a lot of musicians, artist, cartoonists….
We are really happy and thrilled, we believe that we will represent the Cartoon Gallery, unique Gallery in the world, in the best light.
I would like to thanks everyone who was faithful every month and put his self on disposal, help in organization of the exhibitions!
Ofcourse, it will not be the same without you…. but, this is just the beginning!!


STela Dušanić