65. exhibition is opened IVAILO TSVETKOV – BULGARIA



Dear readers, respected colleagues!
Its an honour for me to informe you about the opening of 65. exhibition in the row on 26th of november of  bulgarian cartoonist IVAILO TSVETKOV named «Real Life».
IVAILO TSVETKOV was born in 27.03.1964. in Troyan, Nortern Bulgaria. Since 1987. he live and work in Sofia. Till 1983. he was study ceramica in Fine art school. Now he work like cartoonist in Nespaper  «Duma» and magazine «Tema». He is a member of United Bulgarian Artists.
Prizes: first prize – France (1993.), Prize of Ministry of Culture – Bulgaria (1999.), Prize of United of Bulgarian Artists – Bulgaria (2000.), third prize-Slovakia (2001.), prize of FECO-Romania (2002.), Diplom of excellence – Izrael (2002.), Fift prize- Slovakia (2003.), third prize – Spain (2004.), Honourable mention – Bulgaria (2005.), Honourable mention – Belgium (2005.), Diplom,Kraguevac-Serbia&Montenegro (2005.), Honourable mention – Colombia (2006.).
He have participate in cartoon festivals in Bulgaria, Serbia, Macedonia, Italy, France, Brazil, Slovakia, Romania, Russia, Israel, Iran, Portugal, Poland, Turkey and Belgium.
Exhibition in Croatia, Osijek, was his first solo exhibition.
Exhibition was opened by mrs. Mirjana Glavas, «Gradnja» engineer. Extract from the speech: «It was an honor for me when Stela called me to open the exhibtion from few reasons; because Stela was only child of my friend Tod who has a lots of ideas and enthusiasm, because she was bold enough to continue dads work  after his death, and because im proud of those two people who work something unique in Europe and world and all those things are happening in my Osijek.»
Exhbition was embelish by world unique poetry of mr. Zarko Milinovic.
Im thankfull for all those who helped me to prepare this exhibition…. you are special!

(This month at 20th december i will open the exhibition of Stambuk Davor.)

Love and greetings from
Cartoon Gallery, OsijeK