The international exhibition of satirical graphic Tourism in Bucovina, the 1st Edition

The international exhibition of satirical graphic

“Tourism in Bucovina”, the 1st Edition


The Bucovina Museum Complex from Suceava invites you to participate to the International Exhibition of Satirical Graphic: “Tourism in Bucovina”, the 1st Edition.

Bucovina is a region from Romania (the East Europe) of a rare natural beauty.

The picturesque sceneries, the touristic objectives: the museums, the natural reservations, the mountains with running waters, the historical monuments, and the worship places constituted hundreds of years ago, all these represent a touristic potential. The people of these places are cheerful, hard working and very hospitable. Although all along their history they have encountered lots of pressures, foreign occupations, wars, they kept their identity and the cultural traditions.

By this exhibition we would like to acknowledge the tourism passionate from all over the world of the natural potential and of the touristic and economic objectives.


Even though, the inhabitants of these regions bump against the carelessness of the tourists, who often leave their negative marks upon the touristic zone, the regional authorities do not concentrate their efforts to develop the infrastructure and to develop some facilities for the touristic development.


Further details regarding to the Bucovina region could be found at the following web pages:,,,, etc.


  1. The International Exhibition of Satirical Graphic has as theme: “Tourism in Bucovina”.
  2. We address to all the professional and amateurs cartoonists regardless their age from all over the world.
  3. The number of sent cartoons is unlimited.
  4. Please attach in .PDF or .DOC format a brief presentation of your artistic activity (surname and first name, exact address, e-mail address, a photo and your CV)
  5. The cartoons must be sent at the e-mail address: and they must be of 300 dpi minimum resolution, A4 format, realized in any technique: black and white or colour
  6. The cartoons will be published in the web page of the Bucovina Museum Complex Suceava
  7. All the artists who will enter the saloon will receive the virtual catalogue of the exhibition
  8. If you want to participate at this event, please send your cartoons until 31th of August 2007.
  9. The exhibition will be opened for the Bucovina public in September 2007.
  10. The sent cartoons can be bought by the Bucovina public, that is why please note the price for each original work in order to receive the equivalent of the cartoon.


The Bucovina Museum Complex Suceava



Constantin-Emil URSU