The 1st international “IlustraMaxima” competition is hereby announced.

The 1st international "IlustraMaxima" competition is hereby announced.

The artists shall carry out their work based on maxims about subjects related to water. (see maxims below the rules)


The competitors must register or identify themselves on the web page and attach their work in JPG format, in the competition section, in the field provided for this purpose.


The competition is free. Anyone that wants to can participate. Candidates must be at least 16 years old. Participants should register on the competition’s web page and upload their work in JPG format. Each participant may present a maximum of three works.


The competition is based on aphorisms or maxims chosen previously by the organiser and its partners. These maxims are all linked to the subject of the current year. For the year 2013, the subject chosen is "water". Each candidate should illustrate a maxim in a single cartoon / illustration, using the technique of their choice. The candidate should indicate, in the lower right margin of the illustration, the number of the maxim chosen. The scenes and characters must be self-created and unpublished.


Each of the works handed in should not exceed a format of 800 x 600 pixels, with a minimum resolution of 300 dpi.


The work must be sent exclusively through the WEBPAGE by 12th October 2013.


A qualified jury shall choose the best works. The prizes shall be awarded within six weeks following the end of the competition. The jury may declare a certain number of prizes null, and this decision cannot be appealed against. The works shall be evaluated based on three criteria: Quality of the work: 40% Agreement of the work with the subject of the maxim and the competition: 30% Quality of the educational focus of the work: 30%


The IlustraMaxima competition has 4,000 Euros in prizes distributed amongst 5 categories as follows: 1st prize: 1,500 Euros. 2nd: 1,000 Euros. 3rd prize: 700 Euros. 4th prize: 500 Euros. 5: 300 Euros.


The illustrator exclusively cedes to the publisher the rights to reproduction and distribution of the illustrations, for commercial use (digital and paper), in all of the world’s languages and countries, for a duration fifteen years. All of the authors chosen, including the winner, shall receive a free access code to the collective book in one of the languages of the publication.

The organizer of the competition shall create, based on the five prizes, in an undetermined period of time, a limited edition on paper of five numbered copies signed by the president of the jury, as evidence of the awards received. This limited edition shall remain in the possession of the organiser that shall make them available for sale.

The original works shall remain in the possession of the authors.

The rest of the works, including the works presented and subsequently selected by the jury, shall be published by the publisher. In order to correctly display the works, the publisher shall create a book (costing between 2 and 3 Euros) and / or a paper agenda the year after that shall not accrue any pecuniary rights for the authors of the illustrations. Each author published in the e-book / catalogue shall receive an access code in order to be able to read the e-book and use it freely and personally. The granting of this right shall end fifteen years following its publication.

These elements constitute a source of funding of the competition and contribute to the payment of the prize money for the five winning works in Euros and to publish the work of the selected artists.

The publisher reserves the right to exhibit or to allow the works to be exhibited, within the scope of the IlustraMaxima competition, without paying any financial compensation.


Participation in this competition implies acceptance of these rules.