The 16th Piracicaba’s University Humor Exhibition

RULES 2008

1 – Dates: The 16th Piracicaba’s University Humor Exhibition – UNIMEP, organized by “Universidade Metodista de Piracivaba”, will take place according to the following Dates:

Registrations: up to May 26th, 2008.

Selection of the works: June 2th, 2008.

Awarding: June 6th, 2008.

2 – The contest is for college and university students only. The participants must present a document to prove that they are enrolled in those institutions.


Comical Cartoon: Humor drawing related to fact that took place recently.
Cartoon: Humor drawing not necessarily having a connection with any specific fact.
Caricature: a portray, generally of a famous person, with anatomic distortions.
Comic strip: a sequence told in steps/boxes.


It is free and can be done through the Internet, mail or in the organization.

Each participant is able to register in all wished categories with no limit of works. The works must be original and done by the participants themselves. If the works do not fit these instructions, they will be disqualified. Copies like photographies and xerox will not be accepted.

The works sent by mail or delivered in the organization must be 30X40 cm (or 12X16 inches.). They must have full name, country, telephone number, e-mail, the category and the name of the Teaching Institution, which the participant attends, all these information must be in the back of the work.

The address to deliver the works is:

Salao Universitario de Humor de Piracicaba/UNIMEP
Universidade Metodista de Piracicaba
A/C: Laboratorio de Comunicacao
Rodovia do Acucar, Km 156 – C. Taquaral
Caixa Postal 68 – CEP: 13400-911 Piracicaba/SP/Brasil

Telefone: (19) 3124-1611

Works sent through the Internet ( must follow the specifications: : JPG; 300 dpi; maximum 2MB. For further information log onto

The works must reach the organization before May 26th, 2008. The mailing date will be taken into consideration.

All submitted works may be reproduced in order to publicize the event.

Prizes: Two prizes in cash, R$ 1.000,00 each, for the two best works indicated by the jury. The category will not be taken into consideration.

One prize in cash, R$ 1.000,00, for the best work chosen by the audience (Internet and visitors).

Eight prizes (special portfolios) elaborated by the organizing committee. It will consist of: The image of the awarded work, biography of its author, the image of other works and contacts. These prizes will be sent to professional in the field of communications, directors and editors of art and other destinations indicated by the jury. The chosen artists must send their personal information within 45 days after the announcement of the winners.

The selection and the awarding will done by the jury.

The awarded works will belong to UNIMEP, which will use the works as wished.

The other works may be taken back. The participants should go to the address mentioned above or require the devolution of the works through mail, under the participants’ expenses.

The organizing committee is not responsible for damages during the sending of the works.

All participants agree with all rules mentioned here.