Jaka bede International Competition

Jaka bede International


The subject of the competition is a woman, modern and fashionable, joyful and upset one, a wife, mother and a friend but not also a sportswoman, a physician or just the woman… Everybody knows that it is not possible to live without her…

In the competition will take a part drawing, cartoons and other plastic acts made in optional techniques; those original works that have already been exhibited or published but not being rewarded.
1. Competition will be carried in two categories: DRAWING and SATIRE. The author qualifies his work for the chosen category by himself.
2. Format of work – max A3, amount of work – up to 2 works in each category
3. Entrants are responsible for ensuring the correct postage.
4. Entries must arrive at the address below by not later that 25.02.2007 /deadline/
Miroslaw Krzyskow
ul. Powstancow Warszawy 10/1
11-400 Ketrzyn
Poland (with additional note: Konkurs)
5. The reverse side of the cartoon and / or drawing should bear the surname, forename and address of the entrant in Latin block letters.
6. A short biographic note and some personal details (the surname, forename, address, mobile phone number, e-mail address) should be added.
7. The condition of returning of sent entries is handing down for the Gallery one selected by the author work.
8. Rewarded works will belong to the organizers.
9. Sending plastic works is synonymous with author's agreement for the regulations of the competition.

1. Entries will be appreciated by the jury selected by organisers among friendly artists and satirists.
(Tomasz Woloszyn (2001), Krzysztof Tobola(2002), Dorota Chwalek(2003) Andreas Malecki – Niemcy (2003) Daniel Strzelczyk (2005) Slawomir Luczynski (2006) Miroslaw Krzykow – organizator)
Never work of jurors subjected estimate and they are exposed (set out) beyond competition.
2. Prizes will be appropriate, unexpected and original.
3. Awards are handed in during the opening ceremony of the exhibition "Jaka bede…" or during the summer /plener/ in Jedwabno organized specially for laureates of the competition. On special request of a laureate his award can be sent by mail.

Privileges of the entrants
1. Authors of selected for the exhibition entries will get a gratuitous catalogue.
2. The decision of the festival is predicted to be announced on 10 March 2007 at 17 o'clock
3. The participating in the competition is free of charge.
If you need more details please contact: