International Cartoon Festival “Pure(Clean) sight”

Russian version

Festival of Cartoon “Pure(Clean) sight” – Belgorod / Russia

The administration of city of Belgorod and Gallery have founded the international cartoon festival «Pure(Clean) sight», devoted to the Ecology, to Pure(Clean) city, Pure(Clean) ideas. The purpose of Festival: propagation of the ecological knowledge and moral values among inhabitants of Belgorod, Russia, all the world.

The goal of the Festival:
– To draw attention of the public and rising generation to the questions of ecology in the city;
– To form by means of the fine arts and an art word understanding of a urgency of protection of an environment of city;
– To impart ecological culture, to convince of value of ethical and cultural norms;
– To support creativity of the talented townspeople.

Within the limits of Festival competition of cartoones and competition of ecological slogans will take place. Start to competitions is given on April, 1st, 2008.
The jury of Festival consists from the competent experts in the field of cartoon, fine arts and the literature.

Participants should be registered and send the works to the competitions by July 11th, 2008 to the address of:
308015 Russia, Belgorod, p.o. 25, Festival of a caricature «Pure(Clean) sight».

Winners are defined(determined) in Competition of caricatures and Competition of ecological slogans:
winner I of a degree, the winner of II degree, the winner of III degree.
Awards in competition of cartoon:
The first place – the premium of 42 thousand roubles and a prize «the Gold pencil»,
The second place – the premium of 27 thousand roubles and a prize «the Silver pencil»,
The third place – the premium of 12 thousand roubles and a prize «the Bronze pencil».
Awards in competition of ecological slogans:
The first place – the premium of 9 thousand of roubles,
The second place – the premium of 6 thousand of roubles,
The third place – the premium of 3 thousand roubles.
Organizers of Festival stipulate incentive prizes.

The festival takes place in the city of Belgorod from September 16 till September 31, 2008.
The exhibition on results of Competition of a cartoon will take place at the children’s art school (Russia, Belgorod), the opening will take place on September 16th.
Within the limits of Festival meetings of cartoonists of Russia with spectators of the exhibition, tournament of poets take place.