International Caricature Contest Godofredo Guedes’ Centenary – BRAZIL

International Caricature Contest Godofredo Guedes’ Centenary – BRAZIL

International Caricature Contest Godofredo Guedes’ Centenary
Montes Claros’ administration through the municipal culture secretary and Brazilcartoon, opens the International Godofredo Guedes’ Centenary Caricature Contest in homage to the important graphic artist and instrumentist, composer and instrument fabricant.

Godofrendo, Godo, as he was kindly named, was born in august 15 on the city Riacho de Santana, Bahia, in 1908. In 1953 he moved to Montes Claros / MG. He began to dominate the brush before he was 15, in 1923. His first work was “Nosso Senhor Bom Jesus da Lapa”, made by oil. As the years went by he became a reference in painting portraits and beautiful landscapes, North of Minas’ hinterlands scenes.

Godofredo was also an influence to the beginning of advertising in Montes Claros, producing painted signs to local commerce. In music he had a most important role in compositions that are nationally known such as “CANTAR”. which have already been recorded by Milton Nascimento and Paula Toler, as well as his own son, the singer and composer Beto Guedes.
Godofredo went beyond the mounts, in Minas’ capital, where he collaborated in the creation of the art market in Belo Horizonte, in Liberdade Square.

The imortal Godofredo have always had painting and music in his blood, and contributed immensely with the cultural formation of Montes Claros.
He left a valuable inheritance of compositions and paintings, and also created an instrument, pentacorde, that have and particular sound.

The City Montes Claros, Brazilcartoon’s home, opens the celebrations of Godofredo Guedes’ centenary with several festivities, in order to retribute to the great cultural collaboration of this talented artist: Godofredo Guedes.

Montes Claros is located in the north portion of Minas Gerais. It is an important academic pole and the cultural crib that has already projected great artists in national and international scene such as the writer Darcy Ribeiro, the illustrator and cartoonist Marcelo Lelis, the singer and composer Beto Guedes, one of the integrants of MPB movement, Clube da Esquina. Konstantin Christoff, humor painter known internationally, Carlos Muniz, cartoonist, and Marcio Leite, Brazilcartoon’s director.

International Godofredo Guedes’
Centenary Contest’s Regulation

1– Any person can participate the Contest, except Culture Secretary’s and Brazilcartoon’s workers and organization staff.
2– Participants: The competition is open to all amateur cartoonists, professionals and students
3– The unknown works shall be presented in vertical, format 30cm x 40 cm
4– Each contestant may participate with only 1 (one) work.
5– Techinique is free.
6– Only original works will be accepted. Digital works shall be signed by the artist’s hand. In the back of each work shall present the following information:
Author’s full name, full address with zip-code, phone number, CIC, Identity, bank data and e-mail
7– The works can be registrated personally or by mail. The final prize to registration is 31/10/2008, counting the publishing date. Brazilcartoon’s site won’t be responsible by any damage occurred during the publishing.

OBS.: The under-age participants shall send, written down, the autorization of the parents of responsible.

8– Category: Caricature
Caricature Concept – Graphic representation with funny anatomic distortions of known personalities
9 – The participants shall fill the registration form and send the drawings, in the same envelope, to the following address:

Salao Internacional de Caricaturas
Centenario Godofredo Guedes
Rua Saão Francisco, 666, Centro
Cep: 39400-048
Montes Claros / MG

For Information: (38) 3216-1109

Coordenation: Walkiria Braga

10 – Registrations: 19 / 05 to 31 / 10 de 2008
11 – The result will be published in November 21, 2008
12 – Brazilcartoon will show on it’s site a gallery with all the selected and awarded drawings.
13– Drawings sent to the competition won’t be returned
14 – Prizes
1st place: R$ 2.000 + trophy
2nd place: R$ 1.000 + trophy
3rd place: R$ 500 + trophy
New Talent’s Award – R$ 500 + trophy
This category is dedicated to amateur artists untill 16 years old.
OBS.: Brazilcartoon will participate the event through the divulgation, judgment and organization, but it won’t be responsible by the awarding of it.
The prizes’ payment and the trophies are entire responsibility of Montes Claros’ Municipal Government.
15 – Authorial rights
The organization staff reserve the right to veto the participation of those whose work’s subject won’t fit the contest’s proposal. The organization may use the works sent to divulgate the event and in Brazilcartoon. The registration of the International Godofredo Guedes’ centenary Contest implicates in total and unrestricted acceptance of the conditions above described.