New Comics Community Launched: BuzziNews Portal Announces an International Comics Competition with Prizes Valued at $23,000


The new portal will illustrate reality from a new perspective, giving a new text-free look to the world of internet journalism through comics and caricature.  


Hod Hasharon. Israel, Nov. 7 2007. BuzziNews, a new and unique online comics community portal will illustrate world, business, sports and entertainment current events text-free through comics and caricatures. The online portal is launching its activity with an international illustration competition awarding prizes valued at $23,000.


The BuzziNews global comics community portal places the illustrations in center stage. The illustrations will portray current events and situations from the illustrator’s personal perspective.


The first BuzziNews Awards Comics Competition is open to professional and amateur illustrators worldwide. Awards and prizes will be presented to winners of the contest in the four BuzziNews illustration categories: World, Business, Sports and Entertainment. Winners will be chosen by a public online vote as well as by a panel of judges, pre-chosen from among the surfing public.


The Comics Competition will begin on  Nov. 8th 2007. Online voting will open on December 1st 2007  on the BuzziNews website. Winners of the comics competition will be declared on January 21st 2008. For more information, visit the BuzziNews Awards Comics Competition website at


To compete in the “World” category, illustrators will draw their “local” world. In the “Business” category illustrators will unleash their imagination trying to imagine the next start-up company to be bought by Google or eBay. The theme in the “Sports” category is the Beijing Olympics 2008: illustrators are asked to describe future Olympic sports. In the “Entertainment” category comics artists and illustrators are to draw a caricature of the next celebrity/star.


Rami Naori, Co-Founder of BuzziNews: “The portal was conceived in the aspiration to bring forth a new perspective and a new look to the world of internet journalism. My wife, Haya-Ayelet, and myself labored with the idea of this portal for over three years before its birth. The notion that inspired us was that it is possible to portray current events from a positive standpoint free of malevolence, to diminish evil, decrease conflicts and power struggles and convey messages in a language that’s truly universal”.


Naori adds, “I hope that many illustrators will join the competition and find a home in the BuzziNews illustrators’ community portal. This is a new approach that will allow illustrators, comics artists and amateurs to earn money, and we hope they will make a lot of it from future earnings of the portal”.


About BuzziNews

The vision of The BuzziNews comics community portal is to provide a different perspective on world, business, sports and entertainment reality, without conflict, power struggles and malevolence, in a universal language understandable by all. The portal positions illustrators as partners and they stand to gain from future earnings. The BuzziNews Portal was founded by Rami Naori and his wife Haya-Ayelet who passed away several months before the site’s launch, leaving an unwritten legacy to continue with BuzziNews – their joint project. BuzziNews allows parents and children to enjoy the site, which filters out pornography, incitement to violence and crime, racism, and other content that may offend the public.