9th Fadjr International Festival of Visual Arts February 2017, Tehran Museum of Contomperary Arts

9th Fadjr International Festival of Visual Arts
February 2017, Tehran Museum of Contemporary Arts, Tehran, Iran


Center for Visual Arts of Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance in collaboration with the Institute for Development of Contemporary Visual Arts will hold The 9th Fadjr International Festival of Visual Arts with the aim of introducing the pure ideas and novel and creative art and research creations in February 2017.
The Festival Organizers hereby invite all artists and researchers throughout the world to participate in this artistic event.
The Festival approach:
The Festival approach is to introduce those works which are performed with new and interactive capabilities in the form of utilizing one or more visual arts field and which show a pure idea as well as an artistic concept.
Method, technique and number of works:
1. To be contemporary, novel and interactive are the basic criteria for the works‘ selection.
2. Subject, technique and method of presentation are free.
3. The space for presentation of volumetric works and arrangement at the exhibition shall be a maximum of 300×300×300 cm.
4. Each artist can participate at the exhibition with maximum 3 works or projects (or combination of both). If a number of works are shown in one composition, arrangement, figure or structure, they shall be considered as parts of one project.
5. Maximum one work or project will be selected from each selected artist.
6. The works submitted to the Festival must new and not submitted to the previous Fadjr Visual Arts Festival.
7. The illustration, calligraphy, ceramic, photography, cartoon, graphic, volumetric and sculptures, paintings, Persian painting, new arts, etc. will be accepted in single media or mixed media form.
Method for submission and selection of the works:
1. Registration, application for participation and submission of a photo of the work will be through the festival web site at: www.ivafestival.ir
2. Minimum size of the file should be 1 and maximum 4 MB.
3. All applicants are required to register their resume and their three previous works at the Festival web site.
4. The applicants have to send a statement expressing and explaining their idea and work along with their files. This statement should not exceed the maximum of 100 words.
5. The selection will be carried out in two stages: 1. Art council shall review the resume, photo of the work and statement to choose the selected works and artists. Then the results will be informed to the artists. 2. The selected artists, in interaction with the Art Council, will prepare the final work and submit it to the Festival’s Secretariat. The superior works will be selected by a group of seven juries including the representatives of members of art council and international juries.
1. The sum of US$250 will be paid to every artist whose works are selected at the Festival as a grant for preparing and presenting the work.
2. 10 works will be selected from the selected ones by the juries and each artist will be awarded the Golden Tooba, plaque of honor and US$ 3000 in cash.
3. Certificate of participation and the Festival Proceedings will be presented to all artists admitted in the exhibition.
4. The selected artists shall be invited to Iran. The costs of travel to and from Iran shall be borne by the artists, while the Festival’s organizers shall pay for the costs of 4 days accommodation. Invitation will be sent to selected artists to participation in the prize award ceremony.
The Festival Organization:
Secretary General: Mojtaba Aghaei
Art Secretary: Jamshid Haghighatshenas
Executive Secretary: Abdulrahim Siahkarzadeh
Art Council: Mahnoush Moshiri, Mohammad Bagher Aghamiri, Kambiz Drambakhsh, Ali Shirazi, nader Qashghaei, asghar kafshchian Moghadam, Reza Yasavoli, Mehran Houshyar, S. Nezamoddin Emamifar, Mojtaba Aghaei and Jamshid Haghighatshenas.
Secretary of International Affairs: Shaban Azadi
Terms of Conditions and regulations:
1. The Festival is open to all artists and researchers without any limitations.
2. Preparing, presenting and exhibiting constitute a part of the overall work and shall be the responsibility of the artist.
3. Shipment, transportation and execution of the works at the exhibition are the responsibility of the artist.
4. The Festival’s Secretariat shall have the right to utilize the works in printed and information media, cultural advertisement and exhibition in Iran and abroad subject to mentioning the name of the artist.
5. The Secretariat has no liability for damages caused by improper packing and posting.
6. The final decision about unforeseen events shall be the responsibility of the Festival’s Secretary General.
7. For more information, please refer to Festival web site:
Festival Calendar:
1. October 15, 2016, call for entries and registration through the web site
2. December 11, 2016, 12 P.M., deadline for registration in the web site 
3. December 14-22 2016, preliminary selection of the works 
4. December 22, 2016, results notification of the preliminary selection of the works
5. December 24-January 5, 2017, receiving the selected works from the artists
6. January 7-11 2017, final selection of the works 
7. January 11, 2017, notification of the final results of those works entered in the exhibition
8. February 2017, Festival’s date 
Venue of the Festival:
Tehran Museum of Contemporary Arts
Address & contact of the Festival’s Permanent Secretariat:
No. 17, Shahid Sadoughi Lane, Opposite Laleh Park, above Keshavarz Blv., North Kargar St., Tehran, Iran
P.C: 1418693541
Cell phone: +98-9121306179