8th Biennale Humour & Vigne 2008 JONZAC – France

8th Biennale “Humour & Vigne” 2008 JONZAC – France

What is the meaning of « Humour & Vigne »

To what does « Vigne » refer ?
« Humour & Vigne » is the name of the biennial festival and its organising association. In choosing the word « vigne » (both vine and vineyard) rather than « vin » (wine) the organisers offer artists a broader spectrum of choice which could include, for example : the plant, the stock, the leaves, the grapes, the grape juice and of course the wine ! Numerous other products such as Cognac, Pineau des Charentes, Champagne etc… without forgetting the vineyard and the men who cultivate and plant the vines on their own very particular soil. Again the cellars, the distillery, the barrels, the bottles and the glasses for the joy of tasting. In short, we could decline over several pages the list of concepts that cover the word « vigne ».
Cartoons and the vine both facilitate an exchange which goes beyond the barriers of language adding to the pleasure and well being of all peoples.
What is the biennial festival ?
Since 1994, held every two years in the summer, the festival of Jonzac has gained international renown. The programme includes exhibitions, spectacles, and humorous entertainements. The festival welcomes artists and supports regional and international links. The event gives the opportunity to publish a catalogue, a poster and humorous wine labels. Every festival keeps a general theme of « Humour & Vigne » and every time proposes a unique subject : Cognac en 1996, Earth and Sea in 1998, Millennium Merriment in 2000, the Kitchen in 2002, Art in 2004, Sport in 2006 and Love in 2008 (Guest of honour will be Bridenne)
Who is concerned ?
In 2006, 275 cartoonists (numbering amongst them some famous names and many members of FECO) from over forty countries, submitted about 700 artworks half of which were selected for inclusion in the exhibition. About 20 cartoonists, a dozen of performance artists, thirty or more organising volunteers and sixty supporters and sponsors were present. All the above contributed to the success of the event, as did the 35.000 (approx) visitors who attended the exhibition in Jonzac and others towns in France.
Where and when is it ?
In Jonzac town of water and of Pineau situated between Cognac and Bordeaux. From 21th June to 15th July 2008. Inauguration and celebration Saturday 28th June 2008.
In brief
« Humour & Vigne » has no other ambition than to unite the talents of cartoonists worldwide around a theme generous in its interpretation A small festival in a small town with a small budget but a high investment from volunteers creating bonhomie between the invited artists participants and organisers.
The organising committee of “Humour & Vigne”


NAME : 8th Biennale “Humour & Vigne” 2008 JONZAC – France

THEME : “Humour and Vine in love”

DEADLINE : 1st April 2008

PRIZES: In kind, above all, of a liquid kind, complementary money prizes, special invitations and awards. Special mentions: diplomas.
– All artists whose work is selected for inclusion in the exhibition will receive a free copy of the biennale catalogue.

PARTICIPANTS : Artist from all countries, all ages and both sexes.

ENTRIES : Number of cartoons : maximum 3.
– Format minimum A4 (210x297mm) maximum A3 (420x297mm).
– Original works : yes – digital artwork : yes
NEW also: high–quality copies : yes
– This works are accepted if signed by the author
On the back of each piece of work should be written in CAPITAL LETTERS : – The family name : first name, (pseudonym) and address of the artist
NEW the title or the number 1,2,3.
– A short biography, photo or self portrait may also be included
– Enclose the complete entry form. (Available from the 1st of December 2007 on the website http://www.humouretvigne.fr.st If you will receive the regulation and entry form for this competition send us your e-mail adress to borislam@club-internet.fr

RETURN OF ORIGINAL WORKS: Should participants require their work to be returned after the event, this must be indicated on the entry form.

DONATION: We are constituting a permanent collection for the promotion of our biennale. If you accept to offer your works please note it on the entry form.

EXHIBITION: from 21 th to 15 th July 2008
Venue – Cloître des Carmes, JONZAC, Charente Maritime, FRANCE.
Saturday 28 June – inauguration – announcement of winners, presentation of prizes.
The exhibition will travel to other French towns.

ARTIST’S RIGHTS: The organisers reserve the right to use artist work for the promotion of the artist and the “Humour & Vine” event without financial reward. All others rights remain property of the artist.

Humour & Vigne
BP 43

e-mail: borislam@club-internet.fr
or www.chez.com/vignumour02
Entry form and French version: http://www.cartoonblues.com/Contests/Humour_plaquette_2008.pdf