7th International Biennale Cartoon Písek 2007

7th International Biennale Cartoon Písek 2007

The International Biennale Cartoon Písek takes place every odd year since 1995 and is an open competition where authors from the Czech Republic and abroad can attend.
The International Biennale Cartoon Písek has it’s own logo which can only be used with the agreement of the organizers.
The organizers are
The Town of Písek and the Czech Union of Cartoonists
The main partner of the 7th Biennale is JITONA a.s.

Participation Conditions
The competition is declared by publishing in specialized press and by sending the competition rules to distinguished authors in the Czech Republic and abroad by electronic mail. The participant accedes to the rules of the biennale set in the statues by sending in the cartoons. The participant of the competition can be anyone who will meet the following requirements.

Content and Technical Conditions
Number of cartoons: minimum 3 (three), maximum 5 (five).
Format: minimum A4, maximum A3.
The cartoons can be coloured as well as monochrome; each cartoon must be signed with the name and address of the participant on the backside.
Cartoons can be accepted also in electronic form (JPG or PDF format, the cartoon size shall be under 1MB).
The competition cartoons must not have received any prize in the past in other international competition.
Current Regulations
– Selection of the cartoons for the exhibition, selection of 40 finalists and conferment of prizes will be performed by an international jury on it’s special session.
– The cartoons sent by electronic mail has to be sent in original after a call of the organisers in case the cartoon was chosen into the final collection of 40 cartoons.
– Each author chosen into the exhibition collection will obtain a catalogue in which all the participants will be named. The catalogue cartoons will be selected from the final collection.
– The participants agree that the cartoons can be used for promotion and presentation
of the Biennale in the biennale advertising materials and in the means of communication for it’s promotion and also in case of professional review of the author or the Biennale.
– The main partner JITONA a.s. has the right for use of 12 chosen competitive cartoons from the final collection and their non commercial use in his presentation or promotion free of charge and for the contact with chosen author for eventual long-term cooperation.
– Final cartoons – maximum 40 – will become the property of the Town of Písek. Other cartoons will be returned until June 30, 2008.
– The most appreciated foreign author and the most appreciated Czech author will have individual exhibitions within the Biennale 2009. The organizer will cover the travel costs and accommodation for one person and one night.
– The prize-winners and the jury will be invited to the varnishing day and their accommodation will be reimbursed. Foreign winners appertain to a travel contribution of 100 EUR.
– The other participants of the Biennale can book their accommodation through the Information Centre, Heydukova 97, CZ-39701 Písek, tel./fax: + 420 382 213 592, e-mail: icpisek@mupisek.cz.
– The accommodation can also be paid for invited guests on whom the organisers will agree.

The Main Prize: sandglass clock + 20.000 CZK
The Town of Písek Award: sandglass clock + 10.000 CZK
The Miroslav Liďák (Haďák) Prize: sandglass clock + 5.000 CZK
JITONA a.s. Award: bedroom furniture Tempio worth 40.000 CZK
3 prizes: sandglass clock + 1.000 CZK + in-kind award of JITONA a.s.
4 prizes: small bag with sand + 1.000 CZK + in-kind award of JITONA a.s.
Diplomas and honourable mention: the number is not limited; it depends on decision of the jury.
Not collected prizes including money awards will not be sent by post and will fail to the organisers.
Honorary Presidium
Tom Zajíček – Member of Parliament of the Czech Republic
Ing. Miroslav Novotný – Director general of JITONA a.s.
Ing. Miroslav Sládek – Mayor of the Town of Písek
Josef Kobra Kučera – Vice chairman of the Czech Union of Cartoonists
Place of action
The Gallery of the Prácheňské Museum in Písek.
The exhibition (the final collection) will be relocated to Prague in 2009.
Announcement: March 2007
Application closing date: May 18, 2007
Varnishing day: September 4, 2007
– after the open varnishing day there will be a festive evening with the participation of the invited authors, partners and organizers.
Exhibition: September 6 – 30, 2007
Mail: infocentrum Písek, Heydukova 97, Písek, Czech republic
E-mail: info@cartoon-pisek.cz

1) Representative of the Town of Písek
2) Representative of the main partner
3) Chairman of the Czech Union of Cartoonist and chairman of FECO Czech Republic
4) Maximum four foreign delegates
5) Maximum two representatives of the Czech Union of Cartoonists.
Format A5, approximately 148 pages, up to 1.000 copies.
Each exhibitor will receive one copy of the catalogue, Czech Union of cartoonists 100 copies, the main partner 50 copies, other partners 5 to 20 copies according to their agreement

All information is made public on the website /www.cartoon-pisek.cz After each year the information will be saved in the website archives.

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