1st National Humor Exhibition on Organs Donation 2008

1st National Humor Exhibition
on Organs Donation

The registrations for the 1st National Humor Exhibition
on Organs Donation can already be done.

Participants must register themselves on the website
 http://www.gabriel.org.br/ and send their works until June 30th.
 Participants are supposed to use their artistic and good humored
 view to make people aware of the importance of
the donation of organs aiming to decrease the number
of patients in the line of transplants, whose lives depend on the transplant.

Works will be awarded in four categories: Cartoons,
Comical cartoons, Caricatures and comic strips.

Selected works and awarded ones will be present to
 the press and guests during the first night of the event,
 which will tke place on July 12th at Casaroo Cultural do Pau Preto,
 at 477, Pedro Gon
salves Street, Jardim Pau Preto,
 Indaiatuba, S
ao Paulo,
in a partnership with the Foundation Pr
o-Memoria de Indaiatuba.

The exhibition is an initiative of the NGO GABRIEL
in a partnership with Virgo Publisher and the Studio EMT
and the president will be the architect and cartoonist Denis Mendes.

The directors of Virgo Publisher, Mario Dimov Mastrotti
and the director of Studio EMT, Moacir Torres
are well known graphic artists that have been working
in field for more than 30 years and are very experienced
 in organizing and participating in Humor Exhibitions.

All information and the rules of the exhibition are
available at the website of GABRIEL.
Check it, talk about it and participate in it.
Click Here