Dear Sir:
            On November , I sent my cartoons for XIII Salon of Humor “Santa Clara 2008” – Cuba.
I know the result of THE CONTEST following award:
– Third Prize: Jurij Kosobukin, Ukraine
– Second Prize: Omar Figueroa Turcios, Colombia
– First Prize: Tawan chuntra.
I send e-mail to KOSOBUKIN. He did not know the result and
tell me the MELAITO did not send anything to him even the result.
But It’s about 3months. The XIII Salon of Humor in 40th anniversary of MELAITO does not sent me anything.
I phoned to the MELAITO organization but not respond. I sent the letter to the organization ,also not respond.
I do not think the contest will ignore the winner .
I know many cartoon contests do like that. But I hope it’s not happen by  MELAITO contest.
I am not sure how the  MELAITO will manage the prize winner
or continue contest or not.
Best regards