Caricaturist, Talal Nayer: The time of laughter is over!!

Interviewer: Musa Hamid

The cartoonist Talal NaYer is one of the creators of modern lines in caricature, his cartoons exceeded laughter and entertainment in this area. Nayer have visions and views in this matter. In this interview, we discussed with him the nature and usefulness of art

Tell us about your beginnings and who had the significant impact on you to practice caricature, especially at private and public level?

My first beginnings were very modest and normal, the ideas were simple and very superficial, when I go back to see it from time to time, I have discovered it was saturated with childishness and absurdity, and the lines are swaying confusedly. In fact, it’s me who has been shaking and confused, I do not know how and from where to begin? And at any point must I put my next steps.

As any immature artist, my first steps were staggering on the way of greater Sudanese school of caricature which found by the late caricaturist Ezzedeen Osman; from which most of Sudanese caricaturists emerged. But I was feeling dissatisfied and unable to keep up with it, I did not know why exactly. Do my weak skills as a beginner deprived me of required confidence then? Was the reason that I was still in the beginning of the road and I didn’t absorb the career well? Was the reason that there was no one to guide me?