01 OCTOBER 2011




Caricature Foundation and Caricature Association of Friends in Greece, between September 13 to 18 with the support of the EU Turkish Greek Neighborhood with Cartoons ‘ activities will be held.
Turkish cartoonists Tan Oral, Nezih Danyal, Ercan Akyol, Mohammad Sengoz, Numan Seven in Lonikos Syndesmos Seven halls Athens, starting on September 13, Nikos Triantafillou, Giannis Geroulias, Sofia Mitraki (Karachaliou), Antonis Passaris Greek cartoonists, such as going to the workshop.
On September 16 the Turkish and Greek cartoonists are going to the city of Levadia, and workshops where the work will continue until September 18.
Overall objective of this action is to contribute to the efforts and studies for the better comprehension of Turkey in the member states of the European Union as well as better comprehension by the Turkish population of the European Union with its concepts and values; in particular to help boost mutual comprehension by EU member states, Greece and Turkey to improve the cultural dialog thru the use of cartoon art.
Special objective of this action is to foresee a long term constructive process between Greece that is already one of the member states of European Union with Turkey that is a candidate country to be a member of the Union. By creating close cooperation under the title of "Culture and Art", these two countries and its population will familiarize each other much better in the long term period; thru the target group whom are the cartoonists of both countries and with the use of several events included in our action, wider portions of populations will be approached.
Turkish-Greek meeting of cartoonists and editors about the festival, the head of Cartoon Nezih Danyal Foundation made ​​the following statement:
Turkey and Greece have many common features and characteristics gained thru the history. First of these common facts is their being the parts of the same upper structure, being in the land of same big empire. These two neighboring people, thru the long history of their own, had shared many common and main components which do form the identity of a nation. As the result of being in the same geographical location and having the same ecological characters, both have numerous folkloric features. Both nations do prepare many similar cooking and eat them but name the dishes differently. They drink exactly the same drinks but produce them under different names. Turks and Greeks do listen and enjoy many similar folkloric tunes but sing them in different verses and languages. The folkloric cultures which are the most determinative features of populations of both people are almost similar in most senses. The songs that you may hear on the western shores of Turkey are sung at the Aegean cost of Greece while the same folk dances are performed as well. When you entertain and enjoy yourself in an Athens tavern having a good time, you can make sure that there are similar places in Izmir or Istanbul where people listen to almost the same type of music and dance with the similar rhythms. If any Turk or any Greek living in far and remote places or countries away from home come across a market or a grocery store run by one of the other nation, he or she will sure find many special foods to buy that will be so familiar and relished.

Taking into account these features, the Turkish and Greek cartoonists will meet in Athens on September 13th until 18th of September, the workshop will be held ‘ Turkish Greek Neighborhood with cartoons’ on the draw for the cartoon. "5 to 9 July in Ankara between Turkish and Greek cartoonists come together and drew a cartoon together again ".
Culture, Tourism and Environmental Journalists Association will be associates by providing support for the organization of media events, cartoonists had drawn cartoons will be exhibited in Ankara and Athens and later collected in a book.



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