Ana von Rebeur kamuoyuna su asagidaki aciklamayi gonderdi. Bildiginiz gibi Ana von Rebeur FECO Arjantin uyesi ve Zapatos isimli karikaturu Turkiye’den bir kisa film yapimcisi Burak Apaydin tarafindan filme cekildi. Filmi seyrettigimde cok begendim ve bunu da Ana’ya yazmsitim. Ona ayrica karikturun zaten tek basina cok iyi derdini anlattigini, ama filmin baska bir sey oldugunu ve kendi basina basarili oldugunu soyledim. 


Burak bey’e de ulasip filmi hakkindaki goruslerimi, ovgulerimi ilettim.


Ana von Rebeur’in asagidaki mektubu, Filmin hikayesi basligini iceriyor; icten ve guzel bir mektup. Ceviremedigim icin kusuruma bakmayin, ama yaptigi bir isi degerlendiren bir cizerin, filmi gerceklestirmis yonetmenle  sohbeti olarak da algilayabilecegimiz  bu yazi beni dusundurdu. 


Mektuptaki tarihsel bakisi, katilanlarin karsilikli birbirlerine kapilar acmalarini, uluslarasi uzakliklarin asilmasi olgusunu, feedback denilen geriveri isleminin onemi uzerine dusundum. Yaptigi is zaten onaylanmis, odul almis ve bir de basarili olmus bir cizerin gecip gitmek yerine, urununden yola cikarak onu dusunsel olarak sahiplenmesi ve bunu yaparken bir cesit yolculuga cikmayi goze almasini, o yolculukta rastladigi cesitli ilisklerden soz etmesi ve basarinin da anaktarini sorgulama cabasini goruyoruz. Bu size ilginc ve onemli gelmiyor mu? Bildigim kadariyla cok az insan yaptigi uzerine olabildigince durustlukte boyle konusuyor, dusunce kirintilari sergiliyor; daha cok baskalarinin baskalarindan caldigi, esinlendigi vb. gibi ifsalara dair epey bir ”belge” var elimizde bildigim kadariyla, bir de ancak bir arkadasimiz bir yerde odul alirsa kutluyoruz; ama su an yapilana, neyi neden isteyerek urettildigine dair cok az soz ve sekillendirme, yani teorik calismaya rastlaniyor. Ana’nin usenmeden yaptigi bu is dolayisiyla ayrica yonetmenin de ne kadar isabetli bir secim yaptigini da dusundum.


Hem Ana’yi hem Burak bey’i tekrar kutluyorum. 


Bugun benim dogum gunum. Kendime yeni cini murekkebi hediye aldim.


Hepinize guzel bir Agustos gunu diliyorum.


Firuz Kutal




Not: Ana von Rebeur’un yazisi:


The story of  Zapatos, the Turkish film inspired by an Argentinian cartoon 

By Ana von Rebeur 


When we are kids, we make a lot of funny questions about life. If later we remember them, we turn them into cartoons. Maybe a cartoonist is the person who is still able to  reason like a child. 


In year 2001, while living one of the biggest economical crisis in Argentina, I sent to a cartoon contest one cartoon inspired by one of this particular thought I had as a child . And I got an award , showing Freud was right  when he  wrote  – in “ The joke and  its relation with subconscient” –  that laughter  and humor is a human phenomenon which happens  when we allow  our inner selves to be children again, not  knowing  nothing about solemnity.

During year 2001, one not only was left jobless, but also your editors would call you to ask you for a job . Thousand of Argentineans migrated to other countries. A friend of mine offered me a job in the USA . But I stayed to draw more then ever. A short time before the crisis, I had met Marlene Pohle – present FECO president general ( http: // – who was in Buenos Aires for  an exhibition of her cartoons at the Alliance Francaise  . I interviewed her for the newspaper Pagina 12 . When she knew I was a cartoonist too, she invited me to join some fellow cartoonists to found a new branch of FECO in Argentina. Since then, us, FECO Argentina members, had all the information about every  cartoon exhibition, contest, festival and salon in  the world . Instead of getting desperate  for the situation , I drawed desperately. As a result of that, I got seven awards in two years, and I began to be invited as member of the jury on several cartoon festivals. 


When I read the regulations of Turkish Aydin Dogan Foundation International Cartoon Contest, I checked on a file of old cartoons based on thoughts I had on my childhood. And I saw this one legged man in black and white. I  felt it was a little  naïve , but I decided to re made  it watercolors because  I was  sure the idea  was original : I é never seen something similar before. And the worst thing cartoonists can do is do cartoons using ideas already used by another colleague. 


I made the work and my kitchen table, preparing my children to leave to school. I took it to the Post Office thinking it will never arrive in time. But it did. 


Some weeks later I got the news that it had been awarded at Aydin Dogan Foundation.  I was invited to Turkey to get the award, with tickets and expenses paid . It was November 2001, two months after 9- 11, the attack of the Twin Towers in New York. My flight was in American Airlines, making a long stop in New York. I was afraid of flying, but Dutch cartoonist Peter Nieuwendijk  (  a FECO member himself ) calmed me down saying “ It will not happen twice in two months”, and I got on board.  I talked about the World Center attack with the  crewmembers,  and they told me they were offered the  chance to have  holidays  to overcome the panic , but almost none  took it,  for fear of losing the expense wages . The airlines have  given  them antiterrorist training , in long classes of 45 minutes , and they were telling me this while opening juice cartons  with their own cutters with huge blades, while me and the  passengers were taken away our tweezers and nail cutters . A soon as  I arrived to New York – a sad , mourning city, then –  I went to see Ground Zero, the zone of devastation where the Twin Towers  were. It was still smoking and smelling burning rubbish. All the area was of the same whitish color, covered with dust and ashes. On the streets there were thousands of portraits of missing people, pasted on post, walls and displays on stations. I took lots of pictures and wrote an article which was published in Para Ti magazine. 


When I arrived to Turkey, they were waiting for me in the candlelit restaurant of the Ankara Hilton Hotel, listening to medieval music with flutes and harps. I had  there the great honour of meeting multiawarded  cartoonists as Eythor Steffanson from Iceland, Julian Pena Pai from Romania,  Oleg Dergatchov  from Ucrania, Andrzej Graniak from Polland , Rezaei Paiman from Iran and enormously talented Turkish cartoonist Tan Oral, among others . We were treated as sultans, and the awards ceremony took place on a beautiful Belle Époque opera house with the presence of the President of Turkish Parliament and  the Ministry of Culture . One of the trophies was my cartoon, “ Zapatos” , engraved in a bronze plaque,  meant to last forever . 


In the year 2006, I got an mail from the young Turkish filmmaker Burak Apaydin saying a friend of him has sent him my cartoon Zapatos, and that he wanted to make a film about it. I asked him what kind of film, and he said “ I want to tell the store of what happened before” , filmed with actors, being my cartoon the final scene . Out of sheer curiosity I said yes, as long as he sent me the film when it was finished. He told me he spent months before figuring out who was the author of the cartoon. He had a low resolution version and he couldn´t read my signature well. Burak told me later that when he told his crew that I said yes to the project “they had their heads in the ceiling “ , meaning they  were very happy .  


In July 2007  Burak contacted me  again  saying  the film was  finally done,  participated  in festivals, and  was  show non  Turkish TV  with great success. But he hasd some financial problems and couldn’t send me a video by regular post. So, I suggested him to post in You Tube. He did,  and  I was   I saw  the film, I was so moved that  sent the link to all my friend and colleagues . They sent me lots of congratulations and letters telling me this idea was wonderful, and they sent the link to their contacts. I got letters >from India, China, Peru and Australia because of this film, and websites >from Bosnia, Peru and Colombia asked me permission to post this link in their blogs. 


The 1st August. Clarín newspaper of Argentina made an article on this film, titled “From argentine cartoon to Turkish film: a filmmaker posted it in New Tube and in five days it got 2000 visits” A lot of collegues wrote me saying they were seeing a new kind of art  here the combination of cartoon and film.. A week after being posted in You Tube, the film had 2400 visits and was favorited 30 times. The director is being invited to show it in films festival, like  the one in Banja Luka, Bosnia .  


Reasons of its success 


The filming of Zapatos is very well done. It took Burak one month to find the ideal actor, until yhey found Fehmi Zubeyir Suzen, an actor who lost one limb in the Turkish Army, and is  in the present a basketball player in a handicapped  league. A crew of 13 people worked during a week on the film, and Burka wants to thank the participation Harun Halici and  Didem Acar in it. ”We worked very hard but enjoyed every minute of it “he says. When they finished the film, they went to a concert of famous classic and jazz pianist and compositor, Gulden Goksen. They told her they wanted her to make the music, and she said she would do it if she liked the film. She liked it and said yes. Gulden is a well known artist, a soloist in several orchestras of different countries ,a  Prokofiev and jazz interpreter who won several awards for composing original music for films. The moving quality of her music is what gave extra strength to the film, from the mischievous climate of intrigue of the beginning to the poetry and compassion of the end. Burak and I are  thankful and honoured for her work. ( her website – email  “  


The film was shot in Ankara, the edition took one month, it was made in Format DV color, lasts 4, 26 minutes and the edition system was Final Cut. 


“My previous works are very dark compared to Zapatos “says the director “I loved being  able to say  something about the world in this film. In my previous films I filmed about politics and the situation in Turkey.  Now I let myself get caught by the things that draw my attention, as this cartoon was. This cartoon inspired me, and this film is a landmark in my career. I have lots of letters full of congratulations from the entire world “


The film gets around 200 new extra viewers per day, and was posted in websites of Peru, Argentina and Russia, where it also originated a strong debate over its meaning. 


Let´s hope the attention got by  Zapatos makes Burak stimulated to go on filming and may inspire more cartoonists to use the irresistible power of You Tube, based on the fact that nobody resist the invitation to look a short, nice film. Maybe this is the beginning of a new form of art combining cartoons and filming based on the simple idea of telling a cartoon backwards. If not the case , it shows once more  that cartoons have no frontiers, sensibility has no nationality and all that moves one person, moves everybody in the same way 


Bravo Burak, for having an idea as simple as it is great.