Dear Cartoonists…

I want to mention to you a name: Hallvard Skauge.
He lives in Norway  
and he is relatively unknown to many. His works published saturdays in  
a leftist daily newspaper, namely Klassekampen and i always enjoyed to  
see his interpretations for daily politic issues. Today one of his  
early drawings about USAs finance crisis and how their actions will  
impact Europa, is awarded as best drawing of the year. Usually when a  
jury decides on a work as ”the very one”, mostly juror’s personal  
backgrounds determines the results and sometimes you end with that  
there were others who were better in your thought, but this time I  
feel the same as the jury. This is very powerful and different  
solution for to well known issue. We have a pool in DQ and try to find  
out what we can do about similarity issues. Sometime we all have same  
instruments and same cliches, but this work shows that always can be  
found a new way of telling things.
The jury who made this decision belongs to a joint federation of union  
of media companies and union for Norwegians journalists and  
Organization for Norwegian Newspaper directors. The aim of award is to  
emphasize art of drawing as a own separate journalistic expression  
form. This is a valuable prize which is given every year artist gets a  
god amount of money too, besides the award.
I attach his drawing which is published in 01. October 2008,

for your judgement.
If you are interesting what he says about drawing in newspapers, etc,  
I could try to translate the interview.
US CAVALARY means old soldiers with horses can say and down on left:  
(a small side-comment for us he always use some small text)

and down right on EUropa sign text is europa.


Degerli Karikatürcüler…

Yukaridaki calisma Hallvard Skauge adli Norvecli bir cizerin.
Sol gazetelerde cizdigi icin pek bilinmeyen biridir.  
Gecen yil cizdigi bu calismasi Norvec’te

yilin en iyi gazete karikatürü olarak odullendirildi.
Ben de bu calismasini ilk gordugumde sevmistim.
Ayni malzeme ve kliseler olmasina ragmen bu  
konuda finans krizi konusunda, cizilenlerden

kendisini cok ayiran bir calismaydi.
Sigliga duzmeden, derinlik yarattigina inandigim bu  
calismanin odul almasina sevindim,

sizlerle paylasiyorum.
Ustteki baslik: ”ABD Suvarileri”,

Sauge’nin her zaman yaptigi kendi cizgisine
ironi dolu yorumlarindan biri:
”Bunlara biz en iyisi toptan ‘‘Custer” diyelim ve
Europa ile de Avrupa’ya dogru
yola cikildigini anlatiyor…
Firuz Kutal