I received 2 prizes: by my participation in the Comics magazine Front (Via
Lettera) with my comics The invisibles and by the Fanzine Mosca no copo de
vidro (where I have published the Comics strips: Sigmoide Frund, with Fernando
Moretti script) and a mention by my brazilian Cartoonists caricatures (Angelo
Agostini, J. Carlos, Storni, Max Yantok e Luiz Sa) on the book 100 Years
of Tico-Tico (a great book that shows the early days of  brazilian Comics
-1905- published by Opera Graphica).

The party hapenned at Sesc Pompeia (Sao Paulo)

I was very happy. Prizes are always wellcome and meeting great brazilian
cartoonists and Comics artists too. I met Angeli, Laerte, Orlando, Gazy Andraus,
Sidney Guzman, Fábio Moon, Gabriel Ba, Baptistao, Samuel Casal, Otto Guerra,
Ziraldo, Sergio Macedo (he went to Paris in the 70s and became a Metal Hurlant
artist, he got his prize rock  and rolling, while his Tahitian wife danced
a Hula-hula style), Jal and Gual?
It was a fantastic party!
I also met other cartoonists as Spacca, Gilmar, Claudio, Mastrotti, Prof.
Gerson, Gonçalo Jr, Xalberto, Mariza, Cedraz, Cadu Simoes (Garagem Hermética),
Leonardo Melo, Harriot Jr, besides my family (wife, 7 years daughter, mother,
brothers and cousins)
I have made a homage to a great brazilian cartoonist who died last year,
Conceiçao Cahu. I played a song called Asa Branca in my mouth harp. My daughter
was very ashamed and she did not talk on the mic, when she was asked by Serginho
Groissman, who has a very popular TV program here in Brazil. You can see
the video here. Sorry but it is in Portuguese (laughs).

The other photos can be seen here:

Best wishes!

Bira Dantas