BBC News: Political cartoons go live online


BBC News: Political cartoons go live online

BBC News:

More than 120,000 British political and social cartoons have been

put live on the internet by a team in Kent.

The British Cartoon archive, based at the University of Kent,

has published the work of more than 250 cartoonists.

The free to access online database features cartoons from the 18th century to the present day.

Part of the Carl Giles collection, which includes the Giles family,

and work by Steve Bell, Ralph Steadman and Martin Rowson are also featured.

‘Cartoon fan’

The team from the British Cartoon Archive has spent nearly two years digitising the collection.

Dr Nicholas Hiley, head of the British Cartoon Archive, said:

“Whether you are a cartoon fan or an academic interested

in using the archive content for teaching and research purposes,

the new website provides the widest possible access to the most important

collection of British newspaper cartooning.

“The development of the site, catalogue and services over the coming

months will extend the use of the resource to a far larger number of academics,

specialists and enthusiasts and build a considerable international community

around these important works.”

The launch of the online archive coincides with the Giles, One of the Family exhibition,

which starts at the London Cartoon Museum on Wednesday.