Africa, My Africa

By Ola Joseph Kolawole

Back in the years of the b.c.
When I was but a spirit in the heavenlies
Spying over the happenings on this miraculous planet,
I majored on the study of continents…

I had special interest in this spectacular one
Traced back to Cush, a man of colour
Blessed by Eledua – the Creator of creation
Obviously vast, leading her equals

Her land expanded by the hours –
They called it Ethiopia and the Egyptian empire
She was first in making wonderful inventions
And not lagging behind in linguistics and education

Her map became a riddle for the WISE:

Looking at the map from the west,
I see a gun.
Firing out intellects and academics
Imparting the whole wide world with wisdom.

Looking from the east,
I see a big foot,
Walking around the world
Preaching her precious cultural heritages

Looking from the north,
I see a big Yam,
Everybody comes to take a bite
>From this yam that gives a taste of divinity

Looking from the south,
I see a big steady rock
Many come to it for shelter –
Others, to mine from her treasurable resources.

Now, here is the riddle for the WISE –
Shall we pull the trigger of the gun with our foot…
And fire out a bullet of yam to the rock…
And perhaps, Africa will be that Goshen again?