Dear Artist,
We have the pleasure of inviting you to take part in the first edition of the international cartoon
exhibition “World Humor Awards”, that will be held in Italy and more precisely in the area that
corresponds to writer and cartoonist Giovannino Guareschi’s “Mondo Piccolo” (Little World).
The event will include a competition for cartoonists and the awarding of prizes for works of
literature, advertising and show business that have made the most of humor.
Participation in the cartoon competition is reserved for a limited number of selected artists and is
therefore not open to entrants other than the cartoonists, caricaturists and professional illustrators
indicated by the organisation.
For this reason, the competition rules and participation form will not be published on the website, as
they will be sent only to the invited artists.
The event will take place from August 24th to December 15th 2016
The launch of the exhibition will take place in the rooms of the “Giuseppe Verdi” Theatre in
Busseto (August 24th)
The exhibition will also travel to Salsomaggiore Terme, Fidenza, Fontanellato e Fiorenzuola.
The award ceremony will take place on 25th of September at the Terme Baistrocchi in Salsomaggiore.
The cartoon competition will be divided into two sections
A) First section: “Cartoon”
Artists are asked to send one or two artworks on the following theme:
“Climate Change”
Artworks without words are preferable. If it is essential to include a joke, the English translation must be
written at the bottom of the artwork.
Artists are asked not to send works containing references to highly topical politics or local events.
B) Second section: “Caricature (humor portrait)”
Each artist invited to enter this section must send two or three caricatures (humor portraits) of
personalities from show business, literature, sport or politics.
You are asked to avoid personalities who are only well‐known in a local area or in your own country.
Artists must choose whether to participate in the “Cartoons” section or in the “Caricature (Humor Portrait)”
section, as it is not permitted to participate in both.
To enter, send artworks in a digital format only by email to the following address:
Artworks must be sent in a standard horizontal or vertical A4 or A3 format, with a resolution of 300
dpi and in jpg format. They can be in colour or black and white and any technique may be used.
Each artwork file must contain the artist’s name and the title.
All of the selected works will be printed onto cardboard for exhibition by the organisers.
The artworks must be sent along with the fully‐completed participation form (address, photo, short CV and
date of the artwork, with information on the technique used for the original).
A catalogue will be printed featuring one work from each artist. A copy of the catalogue will be sent to each
The deadline for sending artworks is July 25th 2016.
The selection of works, their publication in the catalogue and the assignment of awards will be the exclusive
responsibility of the international jury, which will be composed of and chaired by professionals from the
sector. The jury’s verdict is final.
The jury and the organisation reserve the right to exclude from participation any artworks which are
considered to be unworthy of exhibition.
The jury meeting will be held in Busseto on 2th August.
Artists who have won an award will be notified immediately, so that their attendance at the opening
ceremony and award ceremony, that will take place over two days, can be arranged.
The winning and awarded artists will be guests of the organisation and will be given travel and
accommodation expenses for two people for the days of the opening ceremony and award ceremony.
1st Prize : “ World Humor Awards” Golden Trophy
for the best cartoon out of all the entries, considering both the idea and its graphic realisation:
The winner will be in the jury in the following edition of the event and will illustrate the poster of the next year.
2nd Prize: “World Humor Awards” Silver Trophy
3rd Prize: “World Humor Awards” Bronze Trophy
1st Prize : “ Little World Award”
SPECIAL MENTIONS (works of both sections)
5 Mentions : Plaque “World Humor Awards” Excellence
All the winners are given gadgets and gifts consisting of professional equipment or typical local products.
The organisation reserves the right to reproduce the artworks in the catalogue, press releases, newspapers and posters
solely for advertising and promotional use for the show, but not for any commercial use: any use to this effect of one or
more works will be agreed with the individual artists. Travelling exhibitions will be organised, using some or all of the
works exhibited in the current edition. All artists will be notified in advance of any initiatives taking place.
In addition to the exhibition of works from the two sections, the show will include exhibitions dedicated to newspapers,
authors or publishers.
During the days of the opening ceremony and award ceremony there will be round table discussions, screenings and
sightseeing tours of the area, according to a programme which will subsequently be provided.
Exhibition by personal invitation only
Deadline for sending artworks: July 25th 2016
Email address:
Cartoon competition: two artworks
Caricature (humor portrait) competition: two or three artworks
Jury meeting: August 2nd 2016
Exhibition: from August 24th to December 15th 2016
Opening ceremony: August 24th 2016 in Busseto (Parma)
Award ceremony: September 25th 2016 in Salsomaggiore Terme (Parma)
participating, the artist accepts the competition rules, the jury’s decision and the Organising Committee’s choices.
Best regards to all the participating artists
The Organising Committee and
the Artistic Director
Gianandrea Bianchi
With the counseling of
Lucio Trojano e Marco De Angelis