The Vth International competition of a cartoons/caricature “Totalitarianism”

The Vth International competition of a cartoons/caricature "Totalitarianism"

"Give me mass media and I will make a herd of pigs of any people". Joseph Goebbels.
"Goebbels was the talented person".Vladimir Putin.

Competition is devoted to creation in the World of "a new order" at which any aggression against the neighboring state was possible to justify as the "blood call" as it was in the years of blossoming of the fascist states.
Magazine of the Ministry of Defence in Ukraine "Army of Ukraine". Editor-in-chief Valentin Buryachenko.
Valerii Kruhov the International festival of arts "Gogol – fantasy" (Kherson, Ukraine).
Mikhail Shlafer International exhibition competition of cartoons of "Carluka" (Poltava, Ukraine).

The chairman Mikhail Zlatkovsky, Russia.

Willem Rasing, Netherland.
Valery Kurtu, Germany.
Valentin Buriachenko, Ukraine.
Mir Teymur Mamedov, Azerbaijan.
Oleg Dergachov, Canada.
Valerii Kruhov, Ukraine.
The structure of jury is forming.

Subjects of the competition /
I. Influence of promotion of the totalitarian state. Competition of a cartoons.
The subject opens the using of Russian mass media for conducting the information war against neighboring states, Ukraine, European Union, USA and other countries, creation of the virtual reality for people, justifying occupations of others territories, violation of international treaties, direct support of terrorists and conducting wars.
II. "One people, one country, one leader!" Competition of caricatures of organizers of Russian totalitarian promotion and the members of the media supporting the totalitarian

Best regards!
Valerii Kruhov
Mikhail Shlafer