the Third international America’s human rights festival/iran

The Third international America’s human rights festival/iran


Human rights violations in the country of America

America’s human rights violations against Iranian nation

Inhumane practices of America in the world

American crimes / American coups / American terrors/ American resolutions / American wars / American democracy / human rights in  United States / American discrimination and 



-There is no age limit for participants and participation in exhibition is open to all amateur and professional artists

-The subject and theme of artworks must include at least one of the announced matters

-The right to use the entries in the book, cultural and exhibition series and media is reserved for the secretariat

-The participant will be responsible in a case of any artwork copying (imitation or plagiarism) or not respecting to intellectual property of other people

-There is no limit on the number of enrolments

-The submitted artworks should not be awarded any prize in other festivals

-In case of a request by the secretariat, participants are required to submit modified files or original works

-The secretariat makes decision for unforeseen issues

– A formal photo of owner of the artwork is required

– All artworks must be named according to the following example (must be in English)

First and last name – the number of artwork:         Mohammad Ahmadi-01.jpg



First prize of the festival

Motion Graphics: 1500 $

Infographic: 1200 $

Poster: 1100 $

Cartoon: 1000 $



 21May 2018


Address for sending artworks: