The Just for Laughs 2013 International Visual Arts Contest 5th edition – July 13-27, 2013 – Montrea

The Just for Laughs 2013 International Visual Arts Contest
5th edition – July 13-27, 2013 – Montreal

Just for Laughs is proud to once again be teaming up with artist and designer Constantin Marinescu, who has been creating a unique brand of visual humour for more than five decades, as the Director and Artistic Director for the Just for Laughs 2013 International Visual Arts Contest. It is also proud to be have Montreal’s URBANA Marketing organizing the event.

After the Funny Story in 2001, the Joke in 2002, Irony in 2003 and Parody in 2004, Cynicism will be be explored this year.

The Just for Laughs 2013 International Visual Arts Contest, presented within the Street Arts programming of Just for Laughs Festival, will culminate with an exhibition running from July 13-27th, in the heart of Montreal’s Quartier des Spectacles within Place des Festivals, in front of the Place des Arts entrance on Sainte-Catherine street.

Entries from over 150 participants from at least three continents are expected, with 30 finalists and three winners announced during the vernissage. All artist applications must be received by June 17, 2013.

The Theme

"Cynicism is dark. Hence, cynical humour crosses a line and spreads ever further. It thumbs its nose at the system and rules, spearing nothing and no one." – definition from the Just for Laughs Museum’s exhibit "Twelve Universes of Humour" (1993)

Contest Regulations

Visual artists, graphic designers, painters, designers and photographers are welcome to submit a new or existing piece of work. It must adhere to the criteria laid out below and address this year’s theme: CYNICISM.


· Visual works need to be intentionally humorous and address this year’s theme, CYNICISM;

· For a two-dimensional work to be admissible, its dimensions must not exceed 36 inches by 44 inches. (92 cm by 112 cm);

· For a three-dimensional work to be admissible, its dimensions must not exceed 11 inches by 11 inches, with a height of 19 inches (28 cm by 28 cm by 49 cm).

Application and documents to be included

· A picture of the work, submitted by email;
· A text describing the work, along with its dimensions (approximately 150 words);
· Artist’s biography (approximately 200 words);
· The participation form attached (see p.3) completed and signed.

Important dates and information

· Applications should be sent to
before Monday, June 17th 2013, at 5 p.m. (EST)

· Deliberation by the jury for the selection of finalists (the 25-30 works to be exposed): June 21st

· Selected artists will be contacted via email and phone in order to process with the shipping of their work from June 22-24th

· Last date for works to be received in Montreal: July 5th, 2013 before 5 p.m (EST)

The exhibition will take place from July 13-27th, 2013 as part of the Just For Laughs Festival in Montreal, indlucing a vernissage and awards ceremony.

Winners of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes will be respectivey awarded a $5,000, $3,000 and $1,000 (CDN) amount, allowing for the three winning pieces to be acquired for the collection of the corporation and individuals offering the boursaries.

Ana Marinescu
(514) 501-0262



To participate, please complete, sign and return this form with your application (following indications on p.2) by email at before Monday, June 17, 2013 at 5 p.m (EST)

First Name :
Last Name :
Artist Name (if different) :
Address :

Phone :
Email :
Title of work :
Dimensions of work :
Technique :
Dollar ($CDN) value of work :

I declare that I am the author of the work (”Author”) that am submitting and that I am signing over my copyright. I agree to participate in the Just for Laughs 2013 International Visual Arts Contest and understand that the written work will be submitted to a jury and if chosen will be exhibited from July 13-27, 2013.

I agree to handle all shipping costs for sending and returning the work if it is selected amongst the finalists and that it be returned to me within approximately a month after it’s exhibited. The organizers (Just for Laughs Festival and URBANA Marketing) will not be held liable for damage, loss or deterioration of the work that may arise during delivery or exhibition.

I hereby authorize the organizers to reproduce and distribute, in whole or in part, the work submitted to the contest for promotional or media purposes in any media, including print, websites and social media. I also authorize the dissemination and use of any images or video of my person and/or the submitted work, and distribution of my name as Author of said work.

I waive my right to privacy and any compensation to which I may be entitled in connection with the use of my name, my image and the work submitted, including the rights to any copies for promotional purposes.

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