The International Salt & Pepper Satirical Art Salon is held by Salt & Pepper” Magazine for visual

The International Salt & Pepper Satirical Art Salon is held by „Salt & Pepper" Magazine for visual arts and artists.

1. Themes



We are expecting meaningful and cleaver works at high artistic level

2. Participants

All artists, professional or not, are invited to take part in the Salon, regardless of gender, nationality or country of residence. The works can be send by the author himself, only

3. Works

May be done in black & white or in colour

Each participant may submit max. 3 (three) works on each theme

Good quality images of signed works

In JPG format, 400-800 KB/work, at Min. 300dpi resolution

Only works without text are accepted (text means one or more letters)

The participating works could have been previously published but not have won awards

No works with "adult content" will be accepted, regardless of their artistic quality. Organizers own the right do not admit in the Salon works that may attempt against individual and/or collective rights

4. Technique
Is free of choice of the artist, in two dimensions, such as: graphical art, painting, digital art, cartoon, illustration etc. No photographic art

5. Terms

Deadline of receiving works by e-mail: January 15 th, 2013

Deadline of receiving originals: December 25 th, 2012

6. Participation

Each participant will send in the message’s body, in English language, the following information:

name and surname & pseudonym

home address, e-mail, phone number and personal web-site

personal photo/cartoon self portrait, Max. 250KB at min. 300dpi

short biography

the list of works on each theme

Each work will be identifiable on the participant’s lists by:

theme, position in the list of works, title, technique, dimensions, price (in EUR) and the associated file name

The file names will be defined as following:

theme_international code of the country_name initial_surname initial_verification code_position in the list of works

for example: Ion POPESCU from Romania, with his own code AZ5, the work is the second in his own list of works on the B theme.


Note: the verification code, must be an own sequence of 3 (three) numbers and/or letters, on the artist’s choice, but an only one per artist

Do not send more 2 (two) e-mails containing works and information

7. Awards

Three prizes will be available per each theme

The prizes consist in exposure on the Salon’s website of

name and surname, a short CV, personal photo/cartoon, works, technique, dimension, price/work as following:

1st prize: 10 (ten) works + the awarded work

2nd prize: 5 (five) works + the awarded work

3rd prize: 3 (three) works + the awarded work

The Diplomas will be send by e-mail

The first ranked 25 (twenty five) works on each theme will be exposed on web-site, awarded works including.

The works will be exposed if these respond to all criteria and condition mentioned in this document.

A list of participants will be published as well

The Jury is entitled do not award one or more prizes according to their art’s criteria.

The jury decision cannot be appealed.

8. Winners

Participants whose works are selected to be awarded will be notified by e-mail.

In max 30 days after announcing prizewinners, they must send their works using all the above mentioned conditions.

9. Jury

Mr. Florian-Doru CRIHANĂ, Romania, President of the jury

Mr. Marcin BONDAROWICZ, Poland

Mrs. Irina IOSIP, Romania

Mr. Oleksy KUSTOVSKY, Ukraine

Ms. Yordanka SHIYAKOVA, Bulgaria

10. Submission address

International Salt & Pepper Satirical Art Salon


for originals: Irina IOSIP – for IS&PSAS Ed.2 – CP 196, OP 16, Bucharest, Romania

11. Other specifications

This regulations are mandatory.

The authors remains the owners of their original works if they do not send original works.
The Salon do not sell anything and does not involve and is not responsible in any business transactions between authors and their beneficiaries. The authors themselves will sell their works on buyer’s request.

The authors who wont to participate into itinerant exhibitions will sent originals, these will not be returned.

The album of the Salon will be edited in electronic format, being available on Salon’s web-site.
The participants turns over all rights of their work’s images to International Salt & Pepper Satirical Art Salon and to "Salt & Pepper" Magazine and authorizes them to exhibit, archive and publish those in the media and/or the Internet without limitations. To promote The International Salt & Pepper Satirical Art Salon, "Salt & Pepper" Magazine is entitled to use these later as printed materials with the name of their author on these, without any compensation to authors. The itinerant exhibitions will be announced in media and the artists will be informed about.

Participation in International Salt & Pepper Satirical Art Salon means the acceptance of all of the above regulations.