Invitation to participate


The International Cartoon Exhibition – “Environment”

Sanur, Bali 2008


From the Indonesian Cartoonists Association


Many efforts have already been made to explain what Global Warming is all about, with the hope that we can still make the necessary changes in this world. Unfortunately some people still assume that Global Warming is just a fairy tale. In fact, up to date there are only few people who understand Global Warming, even though all the information is widely available. We believe that a miracle can happen, if we work together to save our planet. More and more people must be made to understand the problem.


The Indonesian Cartoonists Association will conduct a cartoon exhibition in August 6th-10th, 2008, about the environment. This exhibition will attempt to show the public the problems we are facing, such as the depletion of our green forests which are the lungs of the world.  In Indonesia for instance wide stretches of such land are burnt and cut on a regular basis to create living space for the growing human population. Other countries face similar problems, so this exhibition will involve not only Indonesian cartoonists, but cartoonists worldwide.


The Indonesian Cartoonists Association would like to extend the invitation to cartoonists around the globe to participate and support this exhibition.


The conditions and the information for this exhibition are as follows:


  1. The theme of the exhibition is “The Environment”.
  2. Cartoons can be sent via email, in a clear resolution of 300dpi. The size is A3.   
  3. A photo portrait or a cartoon of the artist should be attached, as well as a short biography. This is to be used in the exhibition catalogue and possibly in the Bali cartoon magazine bog-bog.
  4. Works will not be returned.
  5. Cartoons, photos and biography must be sent to:
  6. Works can also be sent via courier or registered mail on A3 paper size, addressed to:PAKARTI Indonesian Cartoonists Association, Jl. Veteran 39A Denpasar Bali Indonesia.
  7. Any cartoon technique is acceptable.
  8. There is no limit to the number of cartoons that can be sent.
  9. All works must be original.
  10. Cartoons must arrive no later than July 20th, 2008.
  11. The eligible cartoons will be exhibited at the annual event “Sanur Village Festival**  III – 2008, Bali Indonesia


Your participation is much appreciated. We are certain that the exhibition will have a positive effect  on the understanding of environmental issues and on the appreciation of cartoon art in Indonesia and around the world..


Putu Ebo

Secretary General of the Indonesians Cartoonists Association.


** Sanur Village Festival, is an annual event held by the Denpasar City government to promote and celebrate the wonderful culture of the Sanur Village. It is held yearly in Denpasar – Bali. Sanur is a tourism destination which is famous for its well-preserved traditional beach atmosphere. This festival will feature several events, shows and exhibitions, of which the Indonesian Cartoonist Association is only one part.