1. The Contest has a semi-open formula and it is addressed to professional artists acting throughout Europe and European art schools students, who create caricature, satirical drawings or animation.


2. Invitations for the Contest together with Contest Regulations and Entry Form will be sent directly to the artists, to art associations and organizations and to art schools rector’s offices. Informing the interested parties will be carried out by mail and e-mail or possibly by media announcements.


3. The Contest has two technical categories:


    A. drawing, graphics and other artistic works made in traditional technique

    B. computer animation


4. Terms of entries submission:


A category

– the submitted works must be original (no photocopies allowed), not larger than A3 size (297 x 420mm). In the case of sculptures, non-standard sizes are allowed, but not larger than 300 x 300 x 300 mm.

B category

– the entered works can be made with the traditional art of graphics (drawing) or computer graphics entirely. The length of the animation cannot exceed 30 sec. The file containing the animation should be delivered in the form of MPG1, MPG2 or WMV file.

For category A and B

– works previously awarded or submitted for other contests are excluded.

Every participant is allowed to send not more than 5 works, regardless of the technical or theme category of the given contest edition.

Works must be properly secured for shipping to prevent damages.

Any damaged works and not suitable for the display are excluded from the Contest and organizers are not responsible for any damages arisen during transport.

Works sent by e-mail are also excluded from the Contest.


5. Contest themes of The Festival of European Satire “BILLYGOATS” – Poznań 2008:



I.                    Free topic

II.                  Climate changes. Water

III.                Famous painters in caricature


6. Contest deadline:   16.06.2008

7. Results announcement: 1.07.2008


8.  Contest office address:



ul. Mazurska 15,  60- 433 Poznań,   POLSKA  (POLAND)


9. A photograph or a caricature of the author, a short biography note and a completed Entry Form (the form should be typed or handwritten with block letters) should be attached to the entry. The author gives consent to the organizers’ use of their personal data and image in public.




1. The entries are evaluated and qualified for the exhibition by an international jury.

2. The following prizes will be awarded by  the jury:


– in A category (graphics):     


· GRAND PRIX of The Festival of European Satire “BILLYGOATS”

   – a statue and a prize in cash: 5 000 Euro

· II prize of The Festival of European Satire “BILLYGOATS”

   – a statue and a prize in cash: 2 500 Euro

· III prize of The Festival of European Satire “BILLYGOATS”

   – a statue and a prize in cash: 1 500 Euro


– in B category (graphics):     


· GRAND PRIX of The Festival of European Satire “BILLYGOATS”

   – a statue and a prize in cash: 5 000 Euro

· II prize of The Festival of European Satire “BILLYGOATS”

   – a statue and a prize in cash: 2 500 Euro

· III prize of The Festival of European Satire “BILLYGOATS”

   – a statue and a prize in cash: 1 500 Euro


· The organizers additionally plan prizes from the sponsors of the Contest .


3. The organizers have sole right to the final prizes distribution, change of their value or not to award any entrant with the Festival’s GRAND PRIX.

4.The Jury’s decisions are final. The contest results will be announced until: 1.07.2008 on the website

5.  Note: The prizes are liable to taxation pursuant to the Polish rules of law.

6. To receive the prize in cash the winner must be present at contest results announcement ceremony and collect the prize personally or give their account number. In this case, the prize amonut will be transferred within 7 days.




1. The authors of the works qualified for the post-contest exhibition receive a free catalogue and a place there.

2. The organizors bear the winners transport expenses and guarantee their free participation in the event on 6-7.09.2008








1. The participation in the Contest is free of charge. The winners’ works are kept in the festival archive, the remaining works are passed to The Festival of European Satire “BILLYGOATS” Foundation and can be sold directly, auctioned or bartered – to gain funds or direct help to realize the following aims within the borders of Europe:


A. Organization of and financing:

a)      scholarships for European satire and humour creators,

b)      individual and collective exhibitions,

c)      courses, conferences and seminars on satire and humour,

d)      social help, the  of materials, equipment, accessories and tools for satire and humour creators and for chosen scientific-didactic institutions, not-organized children and adults, who are specified by Foundation Board

B. Promotion of European satire and its artists in the media,

C. Running publishing activity within the scope of Foundation’s aims.


(points  A, B, C are in concordance with § 9 of The Festival of European Satire “BILLYGOATS” Foundation statute) 



Every contest participant can specify an aim to pass the means. This information should be written (preferably in English) in ENTRY FORM FOR THE CONTEST in the column: AUTHOR’S NOTICES.  The Foundation Board consisting of independent art creators – representatives of different countries – will decide by voting and choose the aim. Information about the realization of the aim will be placed on



2. The entrants give consent to use their works without any compensation and use the information about the Authors in any manner or medium to promote and advertise the Festival of European Satire “BILLYGOATS”

3. The organizers are the only and final entity to interprete these Regulations.

4. By entering the Contest the Authors agree to accept the Regulations provisions.

5. The Organizer of the Contest is The Foundation of the Festival of European Satire “BILLYGOATS”




Mazurska 15, 60-433 Poznań,  Polska  (POLAND)

info:      e-mail:        tel./fax +48 61 8 488 744

(FSE carries on its direct correspondence only in Polish and English)