ST JUST LE MARTEL&26 years old!

ST JUST LE MARTEL…26 years old!






May 28th, 2007




In a few weeks, St Just-le-Martel is celebrating the 26th anniversary of the SALON INTERNATIONAL DE LA CARICATURE, DU DESSIN DE PRESSE ET D’HUMOUR.


Architects are working on the conception of the future CENTRE INTERNATIONAL DE LA CARICATURE, DU DESSIN DE PRESSE et D’HUMOUR : plans and a model of this exceptional equipment will be presented during the next SALON.


Indeed, 25 years later, owing to the first steps of ignorant but enthusiastic “neophytes”, owing to their tenacity and to the constant support the profession; also owing to the financial grants of respectively the State, the Limousin Region, the Haute Vienne Department and St Just-le-Martel village, this project is about to materialize.

Naturally, we will have the opportunity to talk about it with you during the next Salon, asking for support, advice and suggestions…


In the meantime, we have carried on with our activities, multiplying exhibitions, in France and abroad, particularly with “Cartooning for Peace” that took us from New York to Brussels via Geneva and Paris in collaboration with the United Nations.


But for the moment, we have to conduct simultaneously all those activities and this new challenge of preparing the next SALON…


For the 26th time (!) the «SALON INTERNATIONAL de la CARICATURE, du DESSIN de PRESSE ET d'HUMOUR » is being prepared at St Just-le-Martel… Thus proving its vitality, the enthusiastic tenacity of the organisers, and the friendly trust of the whole profession.


St Just Festival is today the most ancient, without any doubt the most important of all manifestations dedicated to press and humour cartoons certainly in France and probably in Europe… The seriousness, the professionalism (at best meaning of the word), the quality of its associative engagement are unanimously recognized…


For the 26th edition, we obviously need your support and participation, your presence through drawings of course but also "personally", even if it should only be for a short visit between 28 September and 7 October.


The 2007 edition is conceived around expression “Hotting up” with all possible significance:


 “Hotting up” in the literal sense of climatic changes:

(drawings about the environment, the protection of the planet greenhouse effect, recycling, energy control, etc…)


“Hotting up” in the figurative sense of “ burning “ situations:

(tense, difficult, agitated, urgent situations…Conflicts, keen competitions, in all international relations…)


“Hotting up»: The presidential election, French politics since the election…

caricatures of the candidates…caricatures of the face-to-face SARKOZY/ROYAL.


“Hotting up” in all human activities:

sport competitions, music, concerts and Show biz…


The 26th SALON will obviously open the usual rubrics:

– story pages, “ Europe, 50 years ago…”

– eisure pages, drawing-games and riddles…

– hildren and young public pages .

– butes and highlights on special works…


It will show highlights, too, on news about press drawings in other countries, especially Lebanon, Quebec (400 years old), Switzerland and their views on France…

It will present all the cartoons drawn during the year for the United Nations exhibition

“Cartooning for peace”.

This exhibition will be the context of a conference around the role and place of press cartoons in our so-called “information” society, also in the globe sectors that are torn and oppressed by conflicts.


You can either choose one or the other column, or send us drawings (12 to 15, size A4) about all the themes mentioned above.

It would be ideal if we could receive them before the end of August.


The works are insured, presented with great care and of course sent back as quickly as possible after the manifestation.


As far as your coming to St Just is concerned, on either weekend (the last one in September or the first one in October), could you please let us know in good time of your participation. Since it is “Hotting up” the earlier, the better…


There again, your travelling expenses to and fro St Just-le-Martel on French territory, based on the SNCF rate, and your accommodation are taken care of by the organisers like last year.


We are looking forward to hearing from you shortly. Let us insist on how particularly important your participation is for the actual realisation, proof of your attachment and support.


Best wishes,

Most sincerely,


For the Salon, The President:



P.S. St Just website ( is visited quite regularly

(between 200 000 & 350 000 connexions per month, from all over the world).

We continue to issue a database about caricatures and press cartoons (Biographies, bibliographies, educational documents, recent publications etc…)

We can only expand this site by adding at any time any information that you wish to see appearing. Just send us the necessary information.