SICAF 2009. 13th Seoul International Cartoon & Animation Festival KOREAN

13th Seoul International
Cartoon & Animation Festival
Deadline: April, 15 2009
SICAF2009 International Digital Cartoon
Competition News letter No.1.

This year marks the 4rd anniversary of the SICAF
 International Digital Cartoon Competition,
which has been the driving force behind the
development of digital cartoon in World.

This SICAF2009 is held August.

(2009. 8. 12 Wed ~ 16 Sun)

Deadline is April 15, 2009

Contents of this primary news letter are Competition Conditions and Regulations.

Please apply for your work.

The following news letter is February 16, 2009

SICAF2009 International Digital Cartoon Competition event guidance.

– A receipt period : The end of February ~ April 15, 2009
– Results announcement : July
– An exhibition : 2009. 8. 12 ~ 16
– Online portal exhibition : 2009. 5. 25 ~ 2009. 8. 16

Competition Conditions and Regulations

0. Conditions

SICAF Organizing Committee and Seoul Animation Center are proud to present the SICAF International Digital Cartoon Competition 2009 under the generous support of Seoul Metropolitan Government. By organizing this Competition, we aim to promote digital cartoon as a new medium for creating and enjoying cartoon and comics, and to discover and support promising digital cartoon / comics producers. We would like to extend a warm invitation to talented, aspiring producers all around the world to submit their art to our competition. If you are interested, please make sure to read this document very carefully. Submitting your work means you have read and accepted all terms and regulations of this Competition.

1. Qualifications

Your work should hold major characteristics of cartoon & comics, and should be viewable using digital techniques.

You should be the copyright holder of the artwork you submit. Only original, unpublished works, without any previous prize-winning or competition selection history and any commercially used history, are qualified. Works entered in previous SICAF Digital Competition cannot be submitted again.

2. Theme and Official Languages

There is no special theme designated by the organizing committee.
The official languages of the competition are Korean and English.

3. Categories

A) Web-Cartoon: 1 to 4 frame web-based cartoon
B) Web-Comics: No limitation on number of episodes, but the submitted should have a complete narrative structure as a story
C) Digital Illustration: Illustration made of Computer Graphics (ex. 2D, 3D, 2D+3D composite works)

4. Submission of Entries

● Web-Cartoon Category
-1 to 4 frame cartoon viewable in a web browser (I.E. Version 6.0, Firefox Version 2.0)
– Max. width 800 pixel, no limit on height

● Web-Comics Category

* Scroll Cartoon
– Max. width 800 pixel, no limit on height
-Viewable in a web browser (I.E. Version 6.0, Firefox Version 2.0 )
-No limitation on length, but should have a complete narrative structure as a story

* Mobile Cartoon
-Each cut should be smaller than 400*400pixel (320*240pixel recommended)
-Viewable in browsers of mobile devices such as cell phone, PMP, etc.
-About 30 cuts for one episode
-No limit on number of episodes, but the submitted should have a complete narrative structure as a story

● Digital Illustration Category

– 1280(height) * 960pixel(width) or 960 (height) * 1280 pixel (width)
based on the characteristics or work and need of producers
– Illustration made of Computer Graphics (ex. 2D, 3D, 2D+3D composite works)

● Notes

* Acceptable file format: jpg or gif
-Min. resolution = 150dpi
-swf (550*400)

* Choose the color you want:
Black/White or Color, both OK

*Official Language: KO and/or EN

* In Web Cartoons and Web Comics, a special focus will be given on digital media factors working well within the overall artwork.
Subject, movement of background, sound and other elements may be such factors that could be used to utilize the advantage of digital media.
(Note: sound source should be owned by the producer, or should not be copyright-protected.)

A) Please enter your work in the appropriate format. You may choose from the following modes of implementation: the internet, mobile, or other digital media.

B) If you are submitting something not in either .jpg or .gif format, you must specify the viewer software or tool which can open the file. The specific viewer software should be submitted along with the artworks.

C) If the works contain texts in languages other than the official languages (English or Korean), English translation should be submitted with the artwork.

5. How to enter your work

A) No registration fee is required
B) You can submit works in more than one category.
C) Entry Deadline: All forms and materials must be submitted no later than April 15, 2009. Works received after this date will not be considered for selection.
D) Please make sure to include ALL of the following:

– Entry Form: One entry form is required for each work. Only completed and signed entry forms will be accepted.
– Producer’s photo or caricature
– 3 digital color images representing your work (min.6cm x 8cm, 300dpi or higher)
– Text or dialogue list in Korean or English (If the entrants fail to submit English text or dialogues, the selection will be solely based on the artwork itself. Texts and dialogues will not be put into consideration.)
– Your original work

E) All materials should be submitted to:

Official Website :
For any questions, please contact :

* Offline submission is not available.

F) Submission

– Please submit your work on-line at our official website,
– Any modification should be made only on and before the entry deadline. Modification after the deadline is not allowed.

6. Preliminaries

-The Selection Committee is responsible for the Preliminaries, choosing works to advance into the final round of competition.
-Members of the Selection Committee, all of whom must be cartoon & comics professional, will be appointed by the Chairman of SICAF.
-None of members must be, in any way, involved in the production and/or distribution of works submitted for selection. The Committee members will elect their President at the first Committee meeting.
-The selection result will be announced later than May 25, 2009 on the SICAF official web-site (
) and by the SICAF e-mail newsletter.
-Should you wish to withdraw a submitted work, you should delete your file on official web-site by April 15, 2009. No request for withdrawal after the deadline will be accepted.

7. Final decision

– Final decisions will be made public within 24 hours following the Final Certificate’s signing in June, 2009 ( Final decision will take place in June, 2009), and this time the International Jury is responsible to decide the prize-winning works.)
– The International Jury members, all of whom must be cartoon & comics professionals, will be appointed by the Chairman of SICAF, and will be announced no later than July ,2009, on SICAF official website.
– 40% of the Jury will be non-Korean professionals invited from abroad, and no Jury member must be, in any way, involved in the production and/or distribution of works presented in competition.
-The decision of the International Jury will be considered final, and no objections regarding the decisions will be accepted.

8. Prizes

( Korean currency : Won )

Grand Prize/ No. of Works : 1/ 7,000,000 \
Gold Prize/ No. of Works : 1/ 3,000,000 \

 Silver Prizes/ No. of Works : 3/ 2,000,000 each \
Technical Prizes/ No. of Works : 2/ 1,000,000 each \
Idea Prizes/ No. of Works : 2/ 1,000,000 each \
Netizen’s Choices/ No. of Works : 3/ 1,000,000 each \
Jury Special Prizes/ No. of Works : 4/ 1,000,000 each \

Total : No. of Works : 16/ 27,000,000\

Foreign exchange rate is subject to change.

9. Disqualifications

A) An entry will not be considered for selection in any of the following:
-Entry form is not completed and the entrant’s information is not clearly provided
-Information on the entry form is not faithful to the truth
-The entrant is not the copyright holder of the work.

B) prizes / award decisions may be annulled when:

-The entrant is not the copyright holder of work.
-The work has been prized or selected at any previous competition.
-The work is found to be a plagiarism of, or closely similar to other works.

10. Translation

– The SICAF Organizing Committee will provide Korean translations of non-Korean works selected for the final competition. We will bear all expenses of translation only if the SICAF organizing committee receives the complete English text of the dialogue and commentary. The Korean translation will remain as the property of Competition host organization. Korean translation will be exhibited with the artwork during the festival period.

– Non-English texts should be translated in English by the entrants themselves, at their own expense.

11. Winner Invitation
– Prize-winners will be invited to come for the awarding ceremony and festival. We will be happy to cover the costs for Prize winners as follows:

Prize winners

: Festival accreditation
: A board and lodging offer (overseas residents only)(In case of common works one person only.)
– The invitation can not do transfer to any person.
– In the case of a team entry, only one member should be mandated to lead the group.

12. Competition Results

– All selected works for the final competition will be exhibited at SICAF exhibition venue. For promotion purposes, they may appear in all related catalogues and pamphlets published by the SICAF Organizing Committee and on the Internet. Third party rights protection is also guaranteed.
– With the agreement of producers, prize-winning works may be published for a certain period of time on digital media, including main and other pages of portals or cartoon web sites for promotional purposes. They can also be published in a book, as a compilation titled “SICAF Digital Cartoon Competition Winners.”
– After the closing of the festival, the SICAF Organizing Committee is granted the right to reproduce prize winning works and selected works for promotion purpose. The SICAF Organizing Committee obtains a non-exclusive right to use the works without any further contract with the entrants.
– For promotional use, the entrants may be requested to provide artworks with high-resolution
– Any other proposed usage outside of the Festival will be referred by the SICAF Organizing Committee to the entrants for direct negotiation.

13. Others

– Competitors should hold the license and permission to use the materials and softwares used to create the entering work, including graphic software packages for creating artworks.
– All materials submitted for selection will not be returned.
– Matters not mentioned in this document will be decided by the SICAF Organizing Committee.
– The very fact of entering the SICAF 2009 International Digital Cartoon Competition implies that the participant knows and irrevocably accepts all the provisions of these competition conditions.

An inquiry

‘The 4rd SICAF International Cartoon Competition Coordinator Namki-Park.’
Tel : +82-2-3455-8411/ E-mail:
Fax : +82-2-3455-8421