Ladies and gentlemen and artists:

This year has become the centre of global attention by
the organization of a series of events international character
 being made and that call the attention on various topics
and those who participate agents around the world.
In this context Active Communication,
with support from various organizations and private publicans
 hold the “First Salon International Humor Lima 2008,
an event that will make for the first time.
The theme of this important Salon be the “Global Warming”,
since because of the danger that hangs over humanity,
 it must become aware of this serious To that end we look
forward to your contribution as the participation in this
 the first Salon International Humor Only by invitation,
so we’ve picked a hundred artists from different of the world.
This important event to be held on November 6, 2008,
will start with an exhibition roaming through various
 popular parks and squares of Lima.
Adem be edited a book of luxury with all participants
 and work to be sent by postcard to all guest artists.
We look forward to your valuable contribution,
 because that possible realizable of this important.
Theme: “Global warming”
1 – Topic: Anything that focuses on global warming, or their genes, causes and consequences. Further information can be obtained at
They can also access the Virtual Library of Sustainable Development
 and Environmental Health
2-They can send up to two works from his personnel
 file or which have been published or awarded.
It can be prepared in any technique and should be
 sent by electronic mail, in case admit No originals.
3 – The work must have a Resolution 300 dpi as minimum, and
A-4 (30 x 21 cm.)
4-Alongside the works duty send your personal data
(Name, address, phone) a summary Biography,
 a photograph or a caricature and its postal address.
4 – The works must be to send in this E-mail:
5 – Deadline: September 15, 2008.
6 – The receipt of the works in charge of the organizers
of the First Salon International Humor Graphic Lima 2008
7 – The works received the exposition will inaugurate in the November 6, 2008.
8 – The participating artists receive A copy of luxury
will be released with the work sent to Salon.
9 – The artists allow us to his drawings can be used in posters,
 poles, press releases and printed material for diffusion the event.
10 – The artists accepted all the conditions laid down
the groundwork for the convening
The First Salon International Humor Graphic Lima 2008
for more information