1st May to 15 August 2008



Rules for press and humorous drawing competition


ARTICLE 1 : Organiser, association 49+ la BD Francophone, head office 91,rue d’Austerlitz 59200 Tourcoing, France, is the organiser of a press and humorous drawing competition open to anyone, amateurs and professionals. This production must obligatorily have one of these topics: “censure” or “Politically correct”


ARTICLE 2 : Competition criteria : Support : use A4 format ( 21 x 29.7 cm). The technical methods used by the cartoonist are totally free, French/English text.  The original drawing must be sent in the following form : the drawing must not be folded, and a short biography must be attached to the drawing. Cartoonists who are minors must attach permission to participate and authorisation for publication from parents or legal guardians in favour of Francine COPPENS, Association 49+ la B.D. Francophone, 25 rue du General  Marchand  F – 59200 TOURCOING

This authorisation from parents or legal guardians must contain surname, first name, address, telephone number, and E-Mail of legal representative. 


ARTICLE 3 : Stages in the competition : The competition begins on 15th August 2008.  Francine COPPENS, association 49+ la BD Francophone,  25 rue du General Marchand  F – 59200 TOURCOING, must receive drawings entered by participants no later than the 31 August 2008


ARTICLE 4 : Participants :   Present: Public concerned: draughtsmen amateurs or professionals. Are not authorized to take part in the contest: members of the board of directors of association 49+ the French-speaking data base, the jury like their close relations.


ARTICLE 5 : Registration : For all entrants, each entry must contain : surname, first name, address, post code, town or city, country, telephone number, E-mail, a short biography, and parental authorisation for minors.


ARTICLE 6 : Criteria of admissibility : The criteria of admissibility are : respecting the theme – originality of the idea submitted – the humour and quality of the drawing. Work considered outside the subject will be disqualified, as will drawings of defamatory and/or racist characters, or characters likely to damage the physical and moral integrity of others. Entrants must also be aware of all these rules, and respect all the instructions.


ARTICLE 7 : Terms and Conditions : Entrants of age and legal representatives of entrants who are minors undertake to give all performance rights and rights of reproduction on all types of communication support for written or web based diffusion to the organisers of the competition. From the very fact of their participation, the authors guarantee the organisers and members of the jury against any action, petition, or appeal by third parties concerning the originality of work presented.

Participation in the competition implies acceptance of the present rules. Only one entry per amateur or professional cartoonist is allowed. Drawings will not be returned.

In accordance with the French Data Protection Act, entrants have right of access and amendment.

The association 49+ la BD Francophone, it representatives, members, and organisers cannot be held responsible for lost, damaged, or illegal entries.


ARTICLE 8 : The jury : will be composed of 7 people, professional press illustrators and humorous cartoonists, members of association 49+ la BD Francophone, journalists who write for the press, and press attachés. The jury will meet to deliberate before september 10th. There is no appeal against decisions taken by the jury.


ARTICLE 9 : Competition prizes : The 50 preselected drawings will illustrate the catalogue of the international cartoonist 2006 competition.  Three prizes will be awarded : 1st prize : Prix de la Ville de Tourcoing (Town of Tourcoing prize), the winner will receive : Crayon en Nord trophy (Pencil in the North trophy) and the sum of € 750 (seven hundred and fifty Euro).  2nd prize : Prix du Public ; the winner will receive : Crayon en Nord trophy and the sum of € 500 (five hundred Euro).  3rd prize : Prix de l’Association 49+ la BD Francophone ; the winner will receive : Crayon en Nord trophy and the sum of € 350 (three hundred and fifty Euro). These people will be informed of the results by post or E-mail, and after its editing, each person will receive a catalogue.  Winners will receive their catalogue at the address submitted on their entry form. The three winners will be contacted by the association 49+ la BD Francophone in order to obtain relevant bank details for the transfer of the prize monies.



ARTICLE : The present rules are available on the web site : http:// www., as well as from the address of : Francine COPPENS ,the association « 49+ la BD Francophone, 25 rue du General Marchand  F – 59200 Tourcoing

As this is a competition, no expenses will be reimbursed.



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