International Graphic Humor Contest ” Smile Moche “Posted enen Home

International Graphic Humor Contest " Smile Moche "Posted enen Home

Our humanity is going through a crisis of values ​​expressed in different actions or reactions in different aspects of our daily lives . This is shown with more emphasis on urban life , when violence threatens the physical and spiritual integrity of each and every one of us contributing to the pollution of our ecosystem , a fact that is becoming more complex and global.

MAS Magazine Trujillo , Peru , and the tent of Ink publisher , committed to society and the environment, overwhelmed by anxiety and fear that seized our cities , seek to awaken our consciousness against this situation, from a catalyst language universally readable : GRAPHIC HUMOR .

Therefore, from northern Peru to all continents of the Pachamama , we convened the International Graphic Humor Contest MOCHE SMILE , SAFETY item , an event that also brings jury exponents prestigious National and International Graphic Humor , who will share their professional experiences and approach they take when illustrating similar themes .

We invite you to participate with the warm welcome of Trujillo , of all Peruvians .

1. All illustrators and cartoonists religious or sexual militancy residents may participate in any part of our Mother Earth , amateur or professional , 18 to 120 years old , of any marital status . Members of the Organization of the Contest, or the editorial board of MAS, nor Ink Carp may not participate .

Two . Each participant may submit a maximum of 3 illustrations dialogues, or parliament or speech bubbles . THE subject on which works should be inspired is PUBLIC SAFETY , urban social factor rundown in many cities. Entries may or may not have achieved any consideration or premium on similar events , but must be original author that sends , ie , copies and / or plagiarism detected by the jury will be disqualified immediately ( the story of the mistake of the secretary or homage to a particular teacher, not worth ) .

Three . The technique is completely free, in color or black and white, and your shipment will be digital, ie in 21cm X 30cm in JPG (horizontal or vertical) format, in RGB colors in high resolution ( 300dpi ) . The file name will be the title of the work.

April . Shipment of each illustration should attach a Word document to a page containing the title of the work, the author’s name , email, phone, address, country of origin, and a brief resume of no more than 10 lines a photo or personal caricature and a thumbnail of the work.

May . The last shipping day is 28 September 2014. And the work must be sent to the following address :

6. Awards :
FIRST PLACE USD 1,000. = + Diploma
SECOND PLACE USD 500. = + Diploma
THIRD PLACE USD 300 . = + Diploma
HONORABLE MENTION ( which the jury deems appropriate ) Diploma
The results will be announced on October 27, 2014 and officially published on the website of the journal MAS :

7. The jury will be composed of prominent and experienced national and international professionals , the most awarded and / or former jurors in countless similar contests. Their decision is final.

8. If after the jury’s decision , yet is detected that any of the works awarded or not , it is plagiarism or copying from another work , the author or authors assume all legal responsibility that the situation demands them .

9. By participating in this contest , the author accepts all the conditions mentioned in these rules , and assigns the rights of your illustration to the Competition Organization for use in various publications related to the International Graphic Humor Contest MOCHE SMILE