The title of the competition is STUTTGART AWARD 2009 for
Cartoon and Caricature. The topic is ‘The passion for travel’.
2. The contest is open to professional as well as semi-professional
cartoonists and caricaturists.
3. The deadline for receipt of works of art is 05th November 2008
at the Stuttgart-Marketing GmbH.
4. Each artist may submit up to three cartoons and up to three
caricatures, i.e., an overall number of six works.
5. The minimum size of artwork is to be 210 x 297 mm.
The maximum size is to be 297 x 420 mm. Artwork is to be
submitted unframed and uncounted. Techniques: no limits.
7. Original works, signed copies and digitally created works will be
accepted. Requirements for digital works: minimum 300dpi/DIN
A5; color representation: RGB; format: jpeg or pdf. Delivery by
e-mail: up to 5MB per mail.
8. Text caricatures can be compiled in any language you like.
However, a translation in English or German shall also be
9. The artist’s name, address, e-mail account, and telephone number
must be shown on the back of each work. In case of entries via
e-mail, this information must be included in the mail.
10. A short biography of the artist and a photograph
(or self-caricature) shall be attached.
11. The artwork must be the genuine work of the artist.
12. The prize winner will be determined by an impartial jury while
ensuring anonymity.
13. 1st prize: € 5,000 2nd prize: € 3,000 3rd prize: € 2,000
In addition there will be 10 special prizes.
14. The awarded works will become property of
Stuttgart-Marketing GmbH.
15. Selected works will be exhibited. In addition a competition
catalogue will be published. Every artist who has work in the
exhibition or in the catalogue will receive a free copy of the
16. It is planned to auction off selected works for a good cause,
provided that the participant does not expressly refuse to
auction the submitted works when registering for the
17. The return of original works is only possible at the author’s
express request at the time of entry in the competition.
18. Participants in the competition permit the organizer to publish
the works submitted by them for non-commercial purposes in
connection with the competition.
19. By entering works to the competition the participant
automatically agrees to the Terms and Conditions of
Participation. It is expressly referred to the fact that the
author thereby also agrees to the exhibition of his/her
works and their reproduction in the Competition Catalogue.
20. Any recourse to legal action shall be excluded.
Deadline: 05th November 2008

ADDRESS Stuttgart-Marketing GmbH · Reference: „STUTTGART AWARD 2009“ ·
Lautenschlagerstrasse 3 · D-70173 Stuttgart, Germany
ENTRIES VIA E-MAIL  · All participants receive a confirmation of receipt per e-mail.