PURPOSE OF THE PROJECT is to present an opportunity to the medical professionals in the field of dentistry to glance at their profession from the caricaturist’s point of view. Aching tooth so to speak has always been a widely exploited theme in literature, just to mention A. Chehov’s short stories like “Chirurgia” (“Surgery”), “Loshadinaia familia” ( “Horse-like last name”), and R. Burns’ poem “Ode to the tooth ache”. Almost every Flemish artist had a painting dedicated to the “extraction of a tooth” theme. Wilhelm Bush-the founder of modern comics also used a dentistry theme in his work. Why does dentistry inspire so much creativity?
Dentistry develops and improves constantly. Recent innovations in dental technology and treatment methods have changed dentistry dramatically over the past 20 years. We are very interested in the caricaturist’s point of view, and are curious if recent advances in dental science are being reflected in the work of modern artists and caricaturists. Are the reasons for the smiles and laughter the same as hundreds of years ago?
We are confident that items and creative ideas presented during this exhibit will be very helpful to our patients as well, because smiles and laughter are the best anesthetics before a trip to the dentist.
METHOD: Creation of an exhibit to present creative potential of artists and caricaturists from Russian Federation and other countries.
FORM: Organization of international caricature competitions and exhibits during the work of professional dental conferences, recognition of the most talented work, publishing of album-catalogs.
Jury of the competition will accept and consider work presented in caricature category.
Items for the competition must be submitted before March 12, 2009.
International caricature competition will take place at the following address: Sanatorium “Detskoselskii”, Centralinaia St. 11 lit A, Detskoselskii, Pushkin, St. Petersburg
Exhibition will take place at the exhibit pavilion “LenExpo” during the work of XII-th International Stomatological Conference and “Stomatology 2009” exhibition in St. Petersburg from May 12, 2009 till May 14, 2009.
Press conference and presentation of the album-catalog of the exhibit.
32 participants, recognized by the competition’s jury and by spectator’s choice will receive rewards and prizes.
First place – one prize – 30000 rubles, and main prize – MARBLE WISDOM TOOTH.
Second place – 2 prizes – 15000 rubles.
Third place – 3 prizes – 10000 rubles.
The other 26 selected participants will receive Diplomas.
7. FORM OF PRESENTATION: Personalized card 10 x 15 cm format (book version or album version), only 5 cards can be presented to the competition by a single participant.
Participants can present their personalized cards for the competition in electronic format (TIFF, JPG with 300 Pixels/ Inch resolution).
8. During preliminary stage of the competition 96 items (personalized cards) will be selected; each one of them will be included in the catalog of exhibition. Organization committee of the competition will inform every participant in advance about a necessity to present original items (personalized cards) for the competition in a required format.
9. Items presented for the competition will not be returned and can be used by the organization committee as it sees fit.
10. Participation in the competition means an agreement and acceptance of the above rules and regulations.
11. Good luck everybody!
MAILING ADDRESS: (to send items for the competition).
Palagnuk Victor Georgievich P.O. Box 42 Pushkin, St. Petersburg Russia 196061
Email: Phone: (812) 786-7728 Fax: (812) 452-5888
Co-chairmans of the organization committee:
Victor Bogorad.
Victor Palagnuk.