1. Theme: EVOLUTION OR CREATIONISM? 2009 has been designated

as ‘Darwin Year’ due to is the bicentennial of Charles Darwin’s birthday and

his book ‘The origin of species’ is 150 years. His work excludes God to explain

the mankind presence in the Earth versus the creationist ideas that refuse

evolution and try to explain the mankind’s divine origin according to Reverend

Paley’s theories.

2. The contest is open for professionals and amateurs.

3. Deadline is on 28th February 2009.

4. A jury of qualified experts will make a selection of the works which have

been submitted.

5. The selected drawings will be exhibited at “La Llotgeta Exhibition Hall” of

the CAM in Valencia, between April 23rd and May 29th 2009. From this

date, it will be a travelling exhibition in several cities. After that, the artists will

be able to ask for their drawings to be returned to them.

6. Drawing size limits: A4 (210mm x 297mm) or A3 (297mm x 420mm). The

works with different sizes to these ones will be disqualified.

7. Maximum number of drawings per artist is 3, black & white or coloured,

without text. Any kind of style and technique will be accepted.

8. Every drawing must be signed at the back with the following information:

name, address, phone, e-mail, and the work’s title.

9. The drawings must be original. Digital drawing will be accepted with the

author signature. Copies will not be accepted.

10. Once the exhibition and the travelling one have finished, the organization

will returned the original drawings to the authors that have asked for it. The

digital works will not be returned.

11. A catalogue will be edited with all the selected cartoons. Each selected

author will receive one copy of the catalogue.

12. Send the drawings to: FECO-España. C/ Cooperativa San Fernando, 7-

8ª. 46007. Valencia (Spain).

13. It will be indispensable to send the entry form and a short curriculum vitae

along with the drawings.

14. The organization does not assume responsibility for damage or loss of

any drawing for reasons beyond its control.

15. The drawings can be given free for the organization of the Exhibition to

be part of an International Documental Funds of Graphic Humour. All of them

will be deposited for their preservation, spreading and study in a Valencian

institution. The authors who want to be part of this Funds must express their

authorization in the entry form. The Funds objective is the organization of

periodical and travelling exhibitions, the catalogues publication and the

foundation of an international documental archive about the graphic humour

where the author rights and intellectual property will be respected.

16. Accepting these rules means the cession of the author rights to the

organization, only for the exhibition spreading, the catalogues edition and

the travelling exhibition. Reproducing the selected works will not have any

cost for the organization, since the catalogues and the travelling exhibition

will not have any lucrative purpose.