Competitions 2013

41st International Cartoon Contest, Skopje / Macedonia
FECO Rating:
Topic: free
Categories: (a) Books, (b) Satirical drawing, (c) Comic Strip
Deadline: 01/13/2013
Prices: 1 x U.S. $ 1,000 per category. The winners will be invited to attend the awards ceremony, the organizers will cover accommodation costs. In addition, 10 special awards.
Any number of entries + entry form (see below)
(Note: The work will first be sent by e-mail or copies by mail, then the authors of the works selected by the jury will be asked for submission of originals).
Size: A4 or A3; digital: 300 dpi, jpg
Returning the originals?
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Address: (post)
World Gallery of Cartoons
8 Udarna Brigada 2
1000 Skopje


4th 02 "Red Man" International Biennial of Art Humour China, Beijing / PR China
FECO Rating:
Categories: (1) Cartoon: (a) The clown, (b) free, (2) cartoon (a) Marilyn Monroe,
(B) free, (3) Comic Strip: free, (4) Animated Film: free
Deadline: 15/11/2012
Prices: (Cartoon) Gold U.S. $ 1,500, U.S. $ 800 silver, copper U.S. $ 400, respectively + medal and catalog; 5 "humorist Prizes" (medal and catalog; several certificates + catalog;
(Cartoon) Gold U.S. $ 1,500, U.S. $ 800 silver, copper U.S. $ 400, respectively + medal and catalog; several certificates + catalog;
(Comic Strip) 1 x U.S. $ 500 + medals and catalog; several certificates + catalog;
(Animation) 1 x U.S. $ 500 + Medal and catalog; several certificates + catalog
Any number of entries, only originals, digital prints and copies are not accepted. And the back of the identity of the author, are also to be accompanied by a CV.
Format: any
No returns
Catalog +
Address: Xiao Yu Hu
Room 341 Building # 364, Yun Jing Dong Li
Zhan Qian Ba ​​Li Xiao Qu, Tong Zhou Qu
Beijing 101121
PR China
E-mail: or
Internet: or


Cartoonale Brugge 2013, Bruges / Belgium
FECO Rating:
Topic: Crime and Punishment
Deadline: 11/16/2012
Price: € 1,500 / 1,000 / 500
Maximum 3 unreleased originals with attached entry form on the back, if by e-mail enclose, then form
Format: maximum A3
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Exhibition +
Address: (post)
Cartoonale Brugge
Burg 12
B-8000 Brugge


19de Euro Kartoenale, Kruishoutem / Belgium
FECO Rating:
Topic: The bicycle
Deadline: 15/01/2013
Price: € 1.600 / 1.400 / 1.200, respectively + Tophäe; price of the ECC (ECC exhibition); price of EU € 750 The winners will be invited for three days.
Maximum 5 originals or digital prints, which have been previously exhibited or published.
Return on demand
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Catalog + (on request)
Address: Euro-Kartoenale
Waregemsesteenweg 113
B-9770 Kruishoutem