B R A Z I L   C A R T O O N ‘ S   Y E A R   B O O K    2 0 0 8   R U L E S

Brazilcartoon’s Yearbook is an original initiative that will gather the best humor drawings of 2008 exhibited on “the best day’s humor”. The yearbook will be printed and will have attached to it a DVD containing the drawings in high quality for printing. Brazilcartoon’s International Yearbook 2008 will have all drawings and their respective authors, their names, e-mail or the author’s website.
1- Why to participate?
Brazilcartoon’s International Yearbook 2008 will be released nationally and internationally and a lot of people will see it. Besides, it will be a historical document on the drawings of humor.
2- What to send?
Cartoons that deal with a universal subject will be accepted, which means cartoons with no texts. The theme is free, however only cartoons that do not contain any kind of discrimination, be it religious, ethinic or pornographic will be accepted. Another category is Caricature and illustration following the same criteria just mentioned. The caricatured ones must be people internationally known at sports, politics, culture, etc. All techniques will be accepted, since the works are sent digitally.
3- How to send the works?
All information must be provided so that we avoid frauds: Full name, address, picture, short biography, e-mail. Send to
Note: The same drawing must be sent through the system “The Best Day’s Humor” which is available at Brazilcartoon Home Page.
4- Format:
All works must be sent through e-mail: 300 DPIs, color mode RGB, JPG format. Limit 20 x 17 cm.
5- Number of works:
Candidates are allowed to send one work a day. Everyday Brazilcartoon will select three works (caricature, cartoon, Illustration) from different authors that will be part of the gallery “Yearbook 2008”.
6- Selection:
Participants selected for the Brazilcartoon’s International Yearbook 2008, will have the right of receiving a DVD, which will be sent through the mail service. The author must request it and he or she will pay only for the mail expenses.
7- Purchasing it:
Brazilcartoon will sell the yearbooks to provide income for its production. If you are interested in buying it, please contact us through e-mail: or by phone 38 – 3216-1109.
8- Deadline:
The drawings may be sent to:  

from February 1st, 2008 to December 31st, 2008.
9- Copyright:
From the moment the participant sent the drawings to us, he or she transfers their works so that they be part of the Brazilcartoon’s International Yearbook 2008 without any kind of charge for that. The drawings may be used for any kind of publicity concerning to the yearbook.
Brazilcartoon wishes that all cartoonists have a lot of sucess in 2008, because
our mission is to publicize the humor drawings as much as the cartoonist.