Beltud Cartoon Contest 2013

Beltud Cartoon Contest 2013

On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of Turkish and Moroccan communities
in Belgium, Beltud, the Belgian-Turkish Friendship Association, is launching the
second edition of the cartoon contest in collaboration with its partners Press
Cartoon Belgium and European Cartoon Centre. Through the competition "50
years in Belgium" that is open to all, Beltud calls all creative minds to illustrate
the 50 years of immigration, the aspects of living together in a multicultural
society and the bonds between different communities.
A jury of professional cartoonists, of which Clou, duBus, Vadot, Philippe Bercovici, Kim, Marec
and Canary Pete will select the first three winners who will be awarded the respective prizes of
1000 €, 750 € and 500 €. A selection of the best cartoons will then be exhibited across the
country, in important places of several cities, including the Flemish Parliament.
For more information and to participate:
We wish you success!
The Beltud team
Cartoon Contest Rules
The competition is open to all, amateurs and professionals, living in Belgium or abroad. Entrants
declare that they accept the terms and conditions of the Regulation and the decisions of the jury.
Participation is free. Entry Deadline: 24th January 2014.
The first prize is €1,000, the second prize €750 and the third prize of €500.
Ceremony and Awards
The finale and the awards ceremony will take place in February 2014. Information regarding the
date and venue of the finale will be announced later on our website.
A cartoon may be for example a caricature of a famous person, a mockery of a current event or
just an illustration of a comic situation. This cartoon may be composed of one image only or be
designed like a comic strip. The cartoon must be static (drawn) .
The contest cartoon, entitled "Through the cultural features of Belgium", celebrates the 50th
anniversary of the presence of Turkish and Moroccan communities in Belgium, their 50 years of
history, cultural heritage and plural identity but can be themed around more general topics such
as immigration, cultural diversity in our society, prejudice and stereotypes, issues of
interculturalism, living together, friendship and co- citizenship.
• Maximum 3 cartoons.
• Black and white or colored.
• If the drawing contains text, it must be written in French, Dutch or English.
• A3 dimensions (max. 30 x 42 cm)
• The designs can also be realized digitally. In this case the drawing must have A3 dimensions, a
minimum resolution of 300dpi, preferably 600dpi in JPEG format.
• Please refer to the back of each cartoon: your name, surname and postal address.
• Electronic sending:
• Postal shipping:
Cartoon Contest
Rue des Palais 27
1030 Schaerbeek
Your participation is valid only if you have completed and sent your registration file on the
You will receive a confirmation e -mail after receipt of cartoons.
By participating to the contest, participants give the right to the host association to use their
cartoons in brochures and catalogs of the association for exposure and promotional purposes.
A jury makes a selection for the exhibition among all the entries and chooses the winners .
By submitting your drawing to Beltud, you agree to leave your works in our possession for
display in traveling exhibitions, and until January 2015.
The cartoons will then be shipped to their authors after written request thereof.
The association is in no way responsible for any damage or loss.
The sender remains responsible for the originality of his works. If the jury notices a case of
plagiarism after the announcement of the winners, the prize will be forfeited.
Rue des Palais 27
1030 Schaerbeek
Phone +32 (0) 2 212 19 06
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Türklerin Belcika’ya Gelisinin 50. Yýlý Konulu Karikatür Yarismasi

Beltud (Belcika Turk dostluk dernegi) Turklerin Belcika’ya gelisinin 
50.yili kutlamalari cercevesinde bir karikatur yarismasini duzenliyor.
Yarismanin temasi, Turklerin Belcika’ya gelisinin 50. yili cercevesinde birlikte yasama kulturu, 
kulturel cesitlilik, cogulculuk, empati, diyalog, hosgoru ve dostluk.

Belcikali veya yabanci herkes, ve 
siteler uzerinden basvurularini yapabilirler veya posta yoluyla karikaturlerini gondererek 
yarismaya katilabilirler (afis ve yarismanin kurallari ektedir).

Yarismanin juri uyeleri arasinda Belcika’nin onde gelen gazete ve dergilerinde cizen karikaturistler yer almakta.
Ilk 50’ye giren karikaturlerin sergilenecegi yarismanin final gecesinde ilk uc dereceye giren katilimcilara para odulleri 
( 1000€, 750€ ve 500€) takdim edilecektir.

2014 yili boyunca katilimcilarin eserleri, Belcika’nin farkli sehirlerinde, parlamentolar gibi 
onemli mekanlarda (gezen sergi seklinde) halkin ziyaretine sunulacaktir.