“Afdesta” International-Online Cartoon Festival 2013

"Afdesta" International-Online Cartoon Festival (2013)

The Afdesta Online Festival secretariat is pleased to present its second cartoon festival featuring some of the most leading international judges entitle: "A World without Boundary". There will be a large selection and a variety of art to select from during this festival. Selected artworks from around the world will take place in Afdesta permanent online show. Competitors must illustrate "A World without Boundary".
Questions are encouraged and welcomed.

1. Competition terms:
A. Up to 5 artworks are accepted from each participant.
B. Artworks must be in A4 size and with 300 DPI qualities (format JPG-RGB)
Attention: to use the option: "save for web and devices" is recommended.
C. There is no limit for using design techniques (obviously, a well picture of non-digital artworks is required)
D. accepting an artwork is due to registration in festivals official website and accepting the rules.
E. All artworks must be submitted exclusively in the festivals official website:


Attention: works which are sent through e-mail or anyway other than uploading in the festivals official website are not included.
F. Afdesta secretariat is excused for accepting artworks containing insult to a nation or culture.

2. Festival’s Schedule:
A. Submitting artworks starts from October 8th (7GMT) to December 7th (12 GMT).
B. Judging artworks is from December 9th to 13th.
D. Announcement of the winners and displaying their artworks on festivals website starts from December 15th 2013(7GMT).

3. Prizes:
A. Three nights residence in Kish Island for top 3 winners.
B. All participants will be rewarded festival’s attendance certificate.

5. Executive Board of Afdesta Art Group:
Founder and Director of Afdesta Art Group and Festivals: Ali Delzendehrooy
Cartoon Festival Secretary: Javan Takjoo
Executive Team Members: Bahar Badihi – Anahita Baniasadi – Farzane Khoshkhoo
Technical Manager: Omid Amraie
Information Secretary: Sarvenaz Sohrabi
Members of information service: Illya Tahamtani & Farshid Larmiani

Sponsors: Amir-Kish Real Estate Group – Afdesta Advertisement Studio
Organizer: Afdesta Art Group

Festival’s Official Website: www.afdesta.net
Advertisement: ads@afdesta.net
Cartoon Festival Secretariats e-mail: cartoon@afdesta.net
Registration link: http://www.afdesta.net/en_US/register/