8th International Award of Humor and Satirical Customs, Premio Novello 2017, Italy

8th International Award of Humor and Satirical Customs, Premio Novello 2017, Italy

“Novello: a good family gentleman”
8th Edition of International Award of Humor and Satirical Customs
Art director Andrea Fedeli
We are announcing the 8th edition of International Award of Comic and Satirical Customs:
“Novello: a good family gentleman”
promoted by the Town of Codogno with the support of public and private organizations.

The Award’s secretary office is located at
Town of Codogno
Services to the Citizens (Sector)
Culture Office
Via Gandolfi, 6
26845 Codogno (LO) Italy
Phone number +39 0377/314263- 31424- 314247


Each participant to the Novello Competition will submit a maximum of three inedited comic-satirical cartoons.
Are considered inedited all drawings never published on web or on paper magazines and never shown on any exhibition.
The participation to this Competition is open to professional and non-professional artists.
They will compete in two different categories.
At registration to this Competition all candidates will clearly indicate their professional category confirmed by at least one easily verifiable publication.
Present the requested credentials, based on the choosen category (professional category: have to indicate at least one simply verifiable publication).
Applications not specifying their professional category will be rejected.
(Where is not going to be declared the category of participation, the work will be void considerated.)
In case of junior competitors the family consent is requested in case of victory at the Competition.
Terms of participation
Each competitor can submit a maximum of three cartoons, according to the theme:


All authors will present their works according to this theme in its many variable aspects, giving an innovative and original vision in a satirical aspect.
Being a theme of great interest and hard debate, the Commission allows artists to use their personal vision about it. However all works must not be related to any political position or suggest messages that can be offensive against decency.
The judgement on works will be the unique and irrevocable decision of the Commission of Evaluation.
All works must be according to the real spirit of the Award, that is humour and satirical customs.
All works can be realized using any drawing technique, in fact works can be in black and white or in colours and they can contain written texts.
Technical peculiarities and expiration date
All drawings must be sent in electronic format and must be loaded (loading them) in the provided form on the following web site: www.premionovello.it not later than 1st October 2017.
All works must have these peculiarities:
JPG 300 dpi – high resolution – print size A4 – information characteristics max 10 Mbyte.
Other formats of presentation are not accepted.
The Jury
The Jury is set up by professional artists and well-known names in the world of Comics and Humour Cartoons, as well as journalists, critics and well-read personalities in the world of culture.
All works with a good evaluation by the Jury will be exposed at the exhibition “International Award of Humour and Satirical Customs” that will take place in January 2018 in the premises of the historical “Vecchio Ospedale Soave”, Viale Gandolfi 6- Codogno (LO)- Italy.
The winners will receive the following prizes:
Amateur Artists (COLLECTORS) 
First Prize Euro 1000 + diploma 
Second Prize Euro 500 + diploma 
Third Prize Euro 300 + diploma.
Professional Artists
First Prize Euro 1000 + plate
Second Prize Euro 500 + plate
Third Prize Euro 300 + plate.
Winners will enclose to their application their personal identity documents.
All works received for this Competition will be filed in the archives of the Award and will be used for its promotion purposes or for other cultural activities of the Town of Codogno in public or private communication as magazines, daily newspapers, books, on web, etc. in Italy or abroad.
Therefore, with the participation to this Competition all authors give their consent to the reproduction of their works, not for profit. (provided it has not lucre purposes)
Prize ceremony
The prize ceremony will be celebrated at the same time of the inauguration of the exhibition dedicated to the Award, in the premises of “Vecchio Ospedale Soave”-Codogno, at the presence of the members of the Selecting Jury.
This ceremony will be on January 2018 on a day to be chosen.