7th Tabriz International Cartoon Contest

7th Tabriz International Cartoon Contest

National union is one of the goals in every society and country so that they can make relations with others. Religious, racial, and verbal differences should not cause division. Nations even look for common grounds inside their own countries. World should learn to live together and this starts first from inside the countries. People should learn respecting other races, languages, religions, etc. We invite cartoonists to reflect their scrutinized ideas through cartoon.

Theme: Solidarity / Free

1- Number of works are unlimited.
2- Size can be min. A4 and max. A3
3- Color and techniques are free.
4- You can send your works either by post or by email.
5- If you send your cartoons by email, they should be scanned in 200DPI resolution.
6- Full information of the artist is required; full name, address, tel, email.
7- Works will not be returned.
8- A catalogue of selected cartoons will be sent to their authors accompanied by the catalogue of Tabriz 6th International Cartoon Contest – Kings.
9- An exhibition of selected works will be held in Tabriz.

Deadline: February 29, 2008
Judgment: March 5, 2008

First winner: Gold Medal (real gold) + Diploma + Gift Package + Statue
Second winner: Silver Medal (real silver) + Diploma + Gift Package + Statue
First winner: Bronze Medal (real bronze) + Diploma + Gift Package + Statue

10 works will be nominated for Diploma + Gift Package + Statue.
Also Diploma + Gift Package + Statue will be assigned for three cartoon in second catagory (Free).

Address to send your cartoons: Tabriz Cartoonists Association, Azerbaijan Cartoon Museum, Former Tabriz Estate Library, Golestan Garden, Tabriz, Iran
Zip Code: 51396-13117
E-Mail: tabrizcartoons@tabrizcartoons.com
Website: www.tabrizcartoons.com