4th “Molla Nasreddin” International Cartoon Contest – Azerbaijan 2011

4th "Molla Nasreddin" International Cartoon Contest – Azerbaijan 2011

The subject: "No to Narcotic".  

Dear friends and colleagues!

The Azerbaijan Cartoonists Union by the support of   FECO ( Federation of  Cartoonists Organisations),      

 the State Customs Committee of the Azerbaijan Republic, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Azerbaijan Republic announces the International Cartoon Contest.

IV International Cartoon Contest "Molla Nasreddin" has been arranged on the occasion of the 105th anniversary of the satirical magazine "Molla Nasreddin".

The deadline:     August 10, 2011  

You can send your drawings to the Azerbaijan Cartoonists Union by the e-mail mollanasreddin2011@yahoo.com This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it   

I wish success to each of my colleague and the participant of the contest.

Best regards,                                                     

Bayram Hajizadeh     The President of Azerbaijan Cartoonists Union,             The Author of the Project ""Molla Nasreddin" – Azerbaijan"

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