23. Individual Disarmament Award “Recognize the Right to Life” Cartoon Contest 2018, Turkey

23. Individual Disarmament Award "Recognize the Right to Life" Cartoon Contest 2018, Turkey

"Individual Disarmament: Survival rights were granted the" 
cartoon competition of

CARTOON , with which social problems are describing a humorous line there is a universal language, even not bring solutions to every problem, the problem is clearly revealed hicvederek an art tool. Umut Foundation’s traditional "28 September Individual Disarmament Day" organized within the activities of winning competitions, so the subject is devoted to the cartoon in the year 2018. 
The subject of Cartoon Contest " Individual Disarmament: Recognize the Right to Life " has been adopted. 
The purpose of this competition, using all possibilities of cartoon art in our society ever increasing individual armament probable cause to examine the consequences and dangers and the public will raise awareness on this issue. 
1. Competition Selection Committee Members, Umut Foundation employees and to all amateur and professional designers outside the first-degree relatives are welcome. 
2. Participation is free. 
3. not participate in the contest works have received awards before. 
4. Each contestant can participate in the competition with the work most 3. 
5. caricatures sent A3 (29.7 x 42 cm) or A4 (29.7 x 21cm) size will be. 
6. Competitors are encouraged to submit short stories and adding to the impression of the work. 
7. fill in the entry form must be complete and accurate. 
8. The terms of transportation will not be considered artifacts. 
9. Complete and error-filled entry form , printed works in cases of damage to cargo or mail should be packed and delivered by hand or sent to the Competition Secretariat. 
10. Shipping in the mail or damages occur, will occur not responsible for delays or lost Umut Foundation studies. 
11. Rewarded works will not be returned. 
12. Rewarding and not to the owners of Hope Foundation has donated works, the works can be received personally from Hope Foundation works to their owners or their packaging as sent by courier November 16, 2018 until the date of payment will be refunded. 
The applicant accepts the conditions written in the regulations adopted an integral part of the application form by writing gold has signed a nickname that he chose this specification. 
Name: Ebru Policy Binger 
Tel: 0212 216 06 70 
Address:  Hope Foundation, Yýldýz Posta Cad. No: 52/1 Gayrettepe – Beþiktaþ, Istanbul
Email: ebru.ilke@umut.org.t is – vakif@umut.org.t is 
Dr. Ayhan Akca that (Psychiatrist, Umut Foundation Board Member) 
Sedat Bozkurt (Fox TV. Ankara Representative) 
Nazira Dedeman Çaðatay (Umut Foundation Founder President) 
, Dr. Kadir Doðruer (Cartoonist) 
Av. Fikret Ilkiz (Umut Foundation Elected Trustee and Board Member), 
Metin Peker (Cartoonist, Cartoonists Association President) 
Sibel Savacý (Umut Foundation Elected Trustee and Board Member) 
Text Üstündað (Cartoonist) 
Deniz Zeyrek (Hurriyet Newspaper Ankara Representative). 
Cartoon Contest held as part of the Umut Foundation 28 September Individual Disarmament Day event, as a result of participating in the evaluation of the works of the First, Second and Third prizes will be announced by the Board of Selectors. The winning prizes will be given to the structure are as follows: 
• First Prize: 4,000 TL  
• Second Prize: 3,000 TL 
• Third Prize: $ 2,000 
In addition, the Jury, special awards in each category (plaque) and honorable mention (plaque) worth of praise works are free to determine interest. 
Closing Date: August 17, 2018 , Friday 
Selection Committee Meeting: September 5, 2018, Wednesday 
Award Ceremony: September 28, 2018, Friday 
The award-winning works of the prizes to the owners, September 28, 2018 the day will be held Awards will be presented at the ceremony. 
Hope Raising Honorable Leaders Foundation, the name of the participant and award-winning works in the competition will be donated entitled to use the 5846 law specifying the scope open. 
Awarded and work of forgiving participants, Hope Raising Honorable Leaders Foundation free of the artifacts right to use will be deemed to have transferred Hope Foundation in all its work, publicity, events and education, posters, catalogs, brochures, gift books and to be used in any promotional material like this, and to show that it has usage rights, including the right to publish in the media, duplication, dissemination, distribution and acknowledge that it has the right to nominate. 
Award recipients or work of forgiving participants, from the moment he submitted his work, written press as limited to the Foundation’s objectives, radio and television and other mass media publications on the internet, posters, brochures, catalog, calendar, posters, CDs, DVDs and all or the right to use digital media in the works participating in the competition in terms of calendar published over the foundation that accepts and commits.
Participants of the works sent to the contest completely belongs to him, because of this structure 3rd person of 5846, the Intellectual Property Rights and requests that may arise from other laws that he was the sole and absolute counterparts, the civil and criminal liability related to the work belongs to the wholly Umut Foundation regarding the mentioned issues’ that the absence of any civil or criminal liability (and that of his right of recourse of the author kept reserved) acceptance, and warrants. 
As the regulatory body with the right of use is the author of Hope Foundation. 
people participating in the contest will be considered to have accepted the conditions of the contest and the jury decision. 
Matters not mentioned in the specifications or in the case of doubt, in the settlement of disputes between Hope Foundation and Participant Selection Committee will arbitrate. Selection Committee is authorized in case of disputes. 
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